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Italian-inspired sunglasses: Our stylists' top picks

From big wins in sport and music to a strong influence on this year’s biggest films and fashion trends,Italian culture is clearly on trend right now. Home to some of the world’s most sought-after fashion houses, the iconic Italian aesthetic has become the epitome of luxury and style. After almost two years living with the pandemic, it’s clear that we could all update our wardrobes with  some Italian glamour this year. 

As we make the most of the winter sun and dream of the upcoming summer, take inspiration from our Italian-inspired lookbook for the next time you reach for your shades. 

How do I achieve the Italian sunglasses style?

Italian fashion is all about prestige and glamour. Pilot-style glasses are a clear favourite when it comes to the classic sunglasses style, as are oversized square frames. Both styles are representative of the iconic fashion houses that make Italy the cultural capital that it is today. Other classic sunglasses shapes such as oval, round and cat eye also conform to the aesthetic. Simple sunglasses that elevate a look to opulent levels. 

Pilot sunglasses

You could say there are two sides to Italian style: flamboyant and classic. When you think of the former your mind might drift towards combinations like animal print and gold. When you think of the latter you might immediately imagine classic shapes like the pilot-style. Well, why not combine the two? These Specsavers pilot-style tortoiseshell sunglasses do just that with their subtle gold detailing on the tips and the classic double bridge. Pair with a linen shirt and a relaxed pair of chinos and you’ll be ready for a dreamy yacht day off the Amalfi Coast.  

If you’re a fan of metal frames try this Tommy Hilfiger twist on classic pilot sunglasses. The wider bridge and shallow lens will suit a wider face and accentuate the cheekbones. Pair these gold silver frame Italian-style sunglasses with a winter or summer suit to amp up your look for a special occasion. 

Oversized Italian sunglasses

The Italian aesthetic is all about making a statement and oversized sunglasses will do just that. These Specsavers classic sunglasses have a dramatic bow shape with crystal detailing on the side. Pair with your favourite chunky silver jewellery and a sophisticated monochrome outfit for a look fit for the Italian fashion dynasty.  

Another option is these larger than life rounded cateye sunglasses crafted from acetate . The oversized lenses exude glamour with small individual details such as the two-pin feature at the corners. Available in multiple colours, try the gold colourway with a crisp white fitted shirt, relaxed fit denim jeans, minimalistic gold jewellery and a pair of leather loafers to perfect a smart casual look.

Classic sunglasses shapes

Walking around Milan on a warm summer's day you’d be sure to spot some classic sunglasses styles. You can’t get much more chic than a pair of cateye sunglasses, perfectly evoking the European style. These red cateye sunglasses are a great way to introduce a pop of colour into your outfit. Wear these classic sunglasses with your favourite designer bag to bring Italian street style straight to the UK.

Square frames are a classic sunglasses style that give you an Italian-inspired look. These Specsavers square sunglasses can be worn for all occasions and come in red, black, bronze and brown to suit every skin tone and hair colour. Put these sunglasses on and immediately transport yourself to the streets of Rome or Florence, sipping an espresso and exploring the city. 

Create the Italian style with UV tint

If you can’t find your perfect Italian style sunglasses at Specsavers, why not use our sun tint and UV lens treatment to turn regular glasses into sunglasses. These Specsavers rounded pilot glasses would look great as sunglasses, with the tinted lenses accentuating the gold frame for a retro European look. With these classic shades you’ll be living La Dolce Vita! 

If gold isn’t your colour but you still want to embrace the Italian style, why not apply our reaction lenses to these blue pilot glasses so that you can transition from outdoors to indoors with no worries. This colour would look great with your favourite pair of denim jeans and a polo top for a laid back just-got-off-my-vespa look. 

Embrace Italian Sunglasses today

Take a browse through the full sunglasses collection and use our virtual try-on tool to find your perfect pair. And don’t forget to check out our buyer’s guide to choose glasses based on your hair colour and face shape if you’re struggling to make a decision. Our frame size guide will provide additional sizing information.  

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