Digital hearing
aid range

Our products range from a basic digital aid to the most sophisticated currently available, and are suitable for all types of hearing loss. The price is determined by the type and number of features, not the severity of your hearing loss, but all provide good quality digital sound and all come with a full four-year guarantee.

At Specsavers, we don’t charge extra for smaller styles. Our comprehensive hearing service, including impartial advice, fitting and aftercare are all absolutely free, and in most cases we can fit your hearing aids on the same day as your test.

Choose any of the following wearing styles at no extra cost
Browse our range below or speak to one of our qualified hearing professionals in store, who can help you choose the hearing aids that best meet your needs, your lifestyle and your budget.

  • Micro behind the ear

    The smallest and most discreet model available. Receiver in canal makes it suitable for a larger range of hearing losses, including experienced users.

  • Mini behind the ear

    Very small discreet instrument with micro-sound-tube and soft plastic ear tip. Ideal for most first time users of hearing instruments.

  • Power behind the ear

    A larger model to deliver the power required for severe to profound hearing losses.

  • Completely in the canal

    Custom-made to comfortably fit in your ear canal, making it appear invisible. Availability of this fitting style will be dependent on your degree of hearing. Not all extra options, as detailed below, are available in this fitting style.

  • In the canal

    Custom-made to comfortably fit in the entrance to your ear canal. This fitting will be dependent on your degree of hearing loss.

  • In the ear

    Custom-made to comfortably fit the shape of your outer ear. As it is bigger than a standard in the canal style of hearing aid it is easier to handle. Fitting will be dependent on your degree of hearing loss.

Price €750 - €1,500 €2,000 - €3,095 €2,795 - €3,795
Selection of models available - prices stated are per pair €750 advance Star
€1,300 Signia Essential Intuis 3
€1,300 advance Standard
€1,500 advance Plus
€2,000 advance Premium
€2,000 Signia primax 1px
€2,295 advance Super
€2,295 Widex Beyond 110
€2,295 Widex Unique 110
€2,295 Signia primax 2px
€2,795 Phonak B30
€2,795 Signia Cellion 2
€2,795 Phonak primax 3Nx
€2,795 Signia primax 3px
€2,995 Phonak B50
€2,995 Widex Unique 220
€2,995 Signia Cellion 3
€3,095 Widex Beyond 220
€3,095 Phonak BR50 (rechargeable)
€3,095 Phonak BD50
€3,095 Signia primax Pure 3px BT
€2,795 advance Elite
€3,295 Phonak B70 (inc. Titanium)
€3,295 Signia primax 5px
€3,295 Widex Unique 330
€3,295 Signia primax 3Nx
€3,395 Widex Beyond 330
€3,395 Phonak BD70
€3,395 Phonak BR70 (rechargeable)
€3,395 Signia Cellion 5 (rechargeable only)
€3,395 Signia primax Pure 5px BT
€3,695 Phonak B90 (inc. Titanium)
€3,695 Signia primax 7px
€3,695 Widex Unique 440
€3,695 Signia primax 7Nx
€3,795 Widex Beyond 440
€3,795 Phonak BR90 (rechargeable)
€3,795 Signia Cellion 7 (rechargeable)
€3,795 Phonak BD90
€3,795 Signia primax Pure 7px BT
Speech clarity in noisy environment
Performance in noisy environment
Comfort of fitting
Discreet appearance
Automatic controls
Battery life
Colour options
Dual control
Remote control
T-coil loop system
Wireless connectivity

Our hearing package starts from €750 and includes

  • Two digital hearing aids
  • Four years’ worth of batteries
  • 90 day money back guarantee
  • Unlimited aftercare appointments at no extra charge
  • A choice of fitting styles at no extra charge
  • Hearing aid enhancements inc, directional microphones and telecoil

Why two hearing aids?

Hearing well is a natural function of both ears, so sounds heard with both ears actually appear louder and clearer than sounds heard with just one ear.

Hearing loss naturally occurs equally in both ears, so just as we help both eyes, helping both ears will help you hear more clearly – which is why we include two hearing aids as part of our complete digital hearing aid package across all of our Advance range.