We’ve got a great range of accessories to buy in store that are designed to keep your specs in tip-top condition, products to help with your eye health, and a few children’s sunnies too.

​Lens cleaners

Our range of lens cleaners help to provide a clearer view through your specs and help to prolong the life of your lenses.

Product details

Lens Cleaner 60ml €4.80

Lens Cleaner 120ml €5.20

Lens wipes €5.20

Features and benefits

This means they can clean effectively without leaving any streaks and won’t cause any damage to your frames, whether they’re plastic or metal.

Specially formulated
Our lens cleaners are specially formulated to prolong the life of your lenses and keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.

Variety of sizes
Have your lens cleaner handy while you’re out and about – just pop it in your bag or pocket.

Stay fresh
Our lens wipes are individually wrapped so they’ll always be fresh and easy to carry around.

Lens cloths and essentials

Lens cloths clean a variety of lenses with or without a lens cleaner product. They’re also woven to reduce the risk of scratches. Essential accessories help to prolong the life of your glasses.

Product details

Lens cloth €4.80

Anti-fog lens cloth €8.99

Keyring screwdriver €3

Features and benefits

Microfibre fabric
Specially designed to prevent the risk of scratches which could otherwise happen with other types of fabric (like the end of your jumper).

Reusable Anti-Fog Lens Cloth

Specsavers Anti-Fog Lens Cloth is easy to use, providing up to 72 hours of anti-fog protection. Reusable up to 600 times with its own handy pouch, the cloth is easy to store and is super convenient to carry anywhere with you.

Keyring screwdriver
Handy for quick and simple glasses repairs on the go. Tighten the screws of your specs until you’re able to come in for an adjustment in store.

Glasses chains and cords

Glasses cords and chains are useful if you regularly remove and replace your specs throughout the day.

Product details

Glasses chains from €7.60

Colourful glasses chain
Chic teal glasses chain
Silver snake glasses chain
Gold snake glasses chain

Glasses cords from €4

Black glasses cord
Navy glasses cord
Red glasses cord

Features and benefits

Range of colours and styles
Take your pick from a range of colours and styles to suit you.

Safe and secure
All our cords and chains feature a secure end to keep your glasses safe and secure.

Looking after your glasses FAQs

What’s the best way to clean my glasses?

Regularly cleaning your lenses is the best way to make sure your lenses are kept in tip-top condition and you maintain clear vision.

We’d recommend using a lens cleaner solution to keep them clean as well as minimising the risk of scratching. You can do the same with your sunglasses, safety eyewear or sports eyewear.

Spray cleaners are great for quickly cleaning your glasses on the go. Just blow on each lens before wiping them to remove any debris that could scratch them, spray on plenty of solution, and wipe the lens dry with a microfibre lens cloth.

If you find some of the more fiddly parts of your glasses, like the nosepads, are dirty – come into store and we’ll be happy to help clean them for you.

Often glasses can appear to be dirty, when in fact they’re just scratched. If you’re unsure just come in and our team can help.

Finally, whenever you’re not wearing your glasses, keep them in your glasses case to protect them from any debris and reduce the risk of the lenses getting scratched.

What’s the best kind of cleaning cloth for my glasses?

You’ll have noticed in your time wearing glasses that using the bottom of your shirt or a tissue to clean your lenses never quite does the trick. Often it just makes the smudging worse, as they can carry additional dust, dirt or debris.

Microfibre cloths are the best thing to use to clean lenses as they can dry effectively and trap oils, which reduces smudges and smears. Wiping the lenses when they are dry could push debris across the lens and potentially cause scratches.

You’ll get a lens cloth with your glasses case when you buy glasses from us, but just make sure you give the cloth a wash once in a while to remove any oil or dirt collected over time.

Why would I need a glasses chain or cord?

If you need more than one pair of glasses, or you find that you’re constantly taking your glasses off and putting them back on throughout the day, you might find this gets tiresome or that you misplace your glasses more than usual.

A glasses chain or cord can come in handy, as you’ll be able take your glasses off without putting them down. Instead, they’ll hang from your chain or cord so that you can pop them back on whenever you need them. They come in a range of styles and colours to suit you.