2 for 1 Varifocal Glasses

With our 2 for 1 varifocals offer, you can pick a pair of glasses from the €100 - €240 ranges with varifocal lenses (from €55 - €215) and we’ll give you a free second pair from the same price range or below and with the same type of lenses.

What are varifocal lenses?

Varifocal lenses enable clear vision across various distances by featuring distinct sections for close-up and distant viewing. Whether you're driving, working on a computer or reading, wearing a single pair of varifocals caters to all your visual requirements.

Not sure whether varifocals suit your needs? Book an appointment and someone from our friendly, expert team will be happy to help.

Terms and Conditions

Frames subject to availability. Cannot be used with other offers. Second pair must be from the same frame price range or below, pay for the higher price pair of the two pairs. Both pairs include the same varifocal lenses: pay for lenses in the first pair only (in addition to cost of first pair of frames). Excludes SuperDigital, SuperDrive varifocals, SuperReaders 1-2-3, SuperBoost, occupational lenses and safety eyewear. Additional charge for extra lens options.