Polarising Lenses Now Only €89

Less glare, lower price

Sunny days are great, but for some of us glare can be a real issue, especially when driving on wet roads, or when you’re skiing or sailing. Polarising lenses provide full UV protection all year round, and have some other great benefits to help you see clearly while the sun’s shining.

And they’re only €90, you’ll love the difference, and the price.

Benefits of polarising lenses

On the roads

Wet roads on sunny days can cause uncomfortable and blinding glare for drivers and cyclists. Polarising lenses mean drivers and cyclists can feel a bit safer when they’re out on the roads.

Outdoor sports

Great for things like golf, running, cycling, or sailing where glare from flat surfaces can be off-putting.

On the slopes

Snowboarders and skiers can see comfortably during sunny days on the slopes when glare off the snow can be particularly distracting.

On the water

Fishermen and boaters can see more easily into the water rather than only seeing the bright reflection.

Colour and contrast

Also provides greater colour perception and contrast to help you see clearer.

Eye health

Kinder on sensitive eyes with underlying conditions like cataractsmacular degeneration, or uveitis, as well as people recovering from eye surgery.

Terms and Conditions

Subject to suitability and availability. Price stated is for polarising lenses only. Excludes safety eyewear. Additional charge – Extra Options.