Do you have a contact lens prescription?

You can buy contact lenses from us either in store or online, but first things first: do you have a contact lens prescription? It’s not the same as the prescription for your glasses, so you need to make sure you have an up to date one before you can buy any contact lenses.

Contact lenses in store

If you’re new to contact lenses, getting them in store is the best place to start. You’ll need to have an eye test and a contact lens assessment to make sure that we choose the best lens to suit your requirements.

But if you’re already a contact lenses wearer, you can pop in any time to buy contact lenses in store, or just give your local store a call and they’ll get them ordered for you

We just need to make sure your contact lens prescription is valid and up to date first.

If you’re new to Specsavers, you can also bring in a recent prescription from any other optician, too.

Buying contact lenses online

If you have a contact lens prescription from us or any other optician, you can get your next batch of contact lenses online in 3 to 12-month supplies. Just make sure that you’ve had a recent check-up or aftercare appointment to ensure that your eyes are healthy and that your prescription is up to date.

Easycare contact lenses subscription

Looking to make buying your contact lenses online easier? Specsavers’ Easycare package is a subscription service that ensures your contact lens experience is trouble-free. Learn more about our package from our dedicated page.

What happens in a contact lens assessment?

Get familiar with what happens during a contact lens appointment and the differences to a regular eye test, whether you already wear contact lenses, or are just getting started.

Dos and don’ts of buying contact lenses online

We understand the perks of buying contact lenses online — you might get them quicker, maybe cheaper, and without having to see your optician first to get them. We’d always recommend buying your lenses from a trusted optician, so you can make sure you’re wearing the right lenses to suit your needs and keep your eyes healthy.

But if you do decide to buy online, it’s good to know that you can still take advantage of our aftercare service online – even if you don’t buy your lenses from us.

We’ve put together some helpful tips for buying lenses online to make sure you’re looking after your eyes:


If you currently use a specific brand and wear a specific type, you should stick to it. You should only ever consider changing the lens you use based on advice from your optician.

Not sure whether your contacts are comfortable? Book an appointment at your local store.


There are a lot of different contact lens types that suit different lifestyles and wearing patterns, it can be overwhelming. But we don’t recommend that you buy your contact lenses from ‘just anywhere’. Look out for a well-known supplier you’re familiar with and read a few brand reviews before you buy anything. 

Other factors to consider when looking for contact lenses:

  • The brand
  • Type of lens
  • Your prescription
  • Power
  • Cylinder (if any)
  • Sphere
  • Axis (if any)
  • Base curve
  • Power
  • Diameter
  • Peripheral curves (if any)