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Oversized prescription glasses for men and women

Microscopic glasses move over — big, bold frames are back in fashion. Retro style has never been more current, and what better way to make a statement than with your specs? From exaggerated cat-eyes to clear, chunky frames — here’s our picklist of the best oversized prescription glasses for men and women.

Are oversized glasses in style?

With celebrities like Elton John rocking the style, you’d have thought they’d be stuck in the past. But oversized glasses have had a modern makeover. Their larger than life lenses and exaggerated silhouette are great for prescription glasses wearers who want to channel their fun, outgoing nature — while still remaining stylish. Just think of all of the famous glasses-wearers who use oversized frames as an extension of their personalities. And, with the right pair, you can rock them too.

Style inspiration for men

Big and bold

With bold, oversized glasses, it’s all about the angles. This Levis 03 pair has a strong, angular silhouette, and their matte black finish gives them a contemporary feel. Want to go big on style and colour? This Design Collective LB 4 pair is for you. Not for those looking to blend into the background, these bright blue specs are sure to draw attention, with their translucent frames giving you a fresh, high-fashion feel.

Oversized wire frames

For oversized prescription glasses with a retro feel, choose some thin metal frames. These MARC JACOBS 14 aviator-inspired glasses have sleek gold frames and large lenses that work well with strong features and more angular face shapes.

If you have a narrower or rounder face but still want to go big with your glasses, then opt for this Vivaldi pair. With ultralight frames and curved lenses, they’re a more modern and refined take on the oversized silhouette.

Big frames that mean business

If you love the oversized trend, but can’t be too daring with your fashion, then choose bigger styles with just one accent feature, like a Clubmaster-inspired look. They still make a style statement, but are subtle enough for a business meeting or office attire. Just take these Calzaghe frames. Their strong brow-line still draws attention, but the semi-rimless style makes them less harsh against the face, so the overall effect feels cool and put-together. Think Robert Downey Jr’s red carpet style.

Style inspiration for women

Statement specs

For an accessory that matches your big personality, you can’t really go wrong with a pair of statement specs. These chunky acetate frames by Viktor-Rolf are a neutral tortoiseshell colour, leaving their large angular shape to make a bold statement. 

For a look that’s a little more on the softer side, try these mixed-material Red or Dead 126 specs. Their beautiful ombré frames will brighten-up your face, while warm copper accents still add some edge.

Oversized cat-eyes

What’s more striking than a bold cat-eye? These Specsavers Talutah prescription frames exaggerate the classic feline silhouette for an effortlessly elegant look.

Or, add some personality to your frames with a pop of colour. In dark red acetate, this Marc Jacobs pair is a refreshing change from the go-to black silhouette. Pair with a classic red lip for timeless sophistication and style.

Chunky transparent frames

Clear frame glasses are one of the most popular eyewear styles of the year — and this oversized Osiris pair is right on trend. Their chunky frames are balanced out by the transparent colour, meaning you can go bigger and bolder with the shape, while still achieving a sleek and stylish look.

Retro round glasses

Retro style is back, and what better way to channel vintage vibes than with a pair of oversized round glasses? These granny-style glasses from DKNY look like they’ve been plucked straight out of the 60s — in the best possible way! Delicate gold frames add a soft touch, but their larger silhouette gives them chic, designer feel.

Dare to go red? These exaggerated round Tommy Hilfiger glasses add a pop of colour, while their super slim, pared-down frames keep them feeling modern and fresh. Or take a look at our retro glasses round-up for more vintage-inspired styles.

How big is too big?

Big glasses clearly make a fashion statement, but can they work as functional prescription frames? Of course — but there’s a trick to finding the right style for you. 

So, how should they fit on your face? It’s important to remember that “oversized” can vary completely depending on your face shape. While they should be on the bigger side, your glasses still need to be in proportion with your features. For instance, if the frames cover your eyebrows, or your eyes are not in the centre of the lenses, then they’re not quite right. Likewise, if the frames wobble on your nose, press upon your temples, or touch your cheeks when you smile, they’re not the right pair for you. It might just mean that you need to choose a different style of oversized frame that compliments your features.

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