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Futuristic glasses are making a comeback

Fashion trends are forever chopping and changing, so it’s about time futuristic glasses made their official comeback. With the box office booming with sci-fi cinematic masterpieces, it’s only right that eyewear quickly followed suit — bringing this quirky style back into the mainstream. 

Whether you’re a sci-fi superfan, or you just want to stay on top of the latest craze — we’re here to give you a style rundown of our favourite futuristic sunglasses to cop this season.

What does the futuristic style look like?

To achieve the futuristic glasses look think metallic frames, dark tones and structured angular designs. Often, sleek metal is moulded into sharp shapes, creating a look far ahead of its time. But this look can be fluid, encompassing any out-of-the-ordinary or extraterrestrial inspired frames that take your fancy!

Classic sci-fi glasses

For the classic futuristic look, these Specsavers Turbot SUN RX are perfect. Easily wearable, these frames will look good on virtually everyone, and the all-black design means they’re a timeless piece to finish any outfit. Pair them with a smart suit or a black cocktail dress this festive season for an all-around sophisticated feel. Or, go for an all-black outfit to emulate your favourite sci-fi characters.

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Avant-garde style specs

The futuristic style isn’t only about sleek, minimalistic frames. In fact, the great thing about this trend is that you have free reign to explore a number of different styles. So why not take it to the next level with these striking Design Collective EH1 SUN RX specs. These frames are adorned with intricate gold and purple detailing on the front and uniquely moulded arms. What’s more, their cat-eye design exaggerates the browline adding an additional element to the futuristic design.

These specs aren’t for the faint-hearted. For less bold but still quirky frames, why not try these Orla Kiely SUN RX 02? The gold accents add the designer touch to a classic futuristic style, elevating a more simple circular lens. 

In both cases, the frames will speak for themselves, so no need to go overboard with your outfit choices. Keep your clothes simplistic such as jeans, a white tee and minimal jewellery and let the sunnies do the talking. 

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Retro futuristic sunglasses

Add a playful, retro twist to the classic sci-fi sunglasses look with these Gant GA7114-1 SUN RX. The oval lenses and sleek metallic design come together for an understated look that can still feel otherworldly.

Going for a more traditional retro style? Reach for the Hackett SUN RX 01 shades. The round lenses are a simple classic style. The warm brown lenses and tortoiseshell tips clash against the gunmetal silhouettes, adding a modern, futuristic flair. Retro styles always pair well with a floral shirt or a pair of straight-leg jeans. These sunnies will transition smoothly through the seasons as well, either paired with warm autumnal tones, a green parka for the winter, a beige trench in the spring or a denim shorts and jacket combo during the summer months.

Flat top sunglasses

A forever iconic design, these Specsavers Ammon SUN RX frames take the pilot style and bring it up to date. The large frames and flat top design is finished in crystal grey and black acetate. Slip these specs on with some black jeans and a bright or patterned top.

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All black futuristic sunglasses

What better way to complete the all-black look than with some cool sunnies? And these Specsavers Sea Bream SUN RX might just fit the bill. Their wraparound style adds practical comfort and usability.

For a more feminine choice, try these Kylie Minogue Your Disco Needs You sunglasses. Their exaggerated browline embodies the classic cat-eye design, and the touches of silver speckled across the frames pay homage to the metallic futuristic feel. 

Modern sunnies

Want to take the futuristic style one step further? Then you might want to choose these Viktor-Rolf VR 01 SUN RX glasses. Designed with the classic futuristic characteristics in mind — metallic and angular — but with a quirky twist. The tilted lenses reinvent the futuristic silhouette in a playful way. These sunnies would go best with an outfit with warm colours, so go for browns, dark reds or oranges.

Tinting your lenses

Can’t find the right pair of futuristic sunnies for you? Don’t worry because you can tint your favourite pair of regular frames. These Lyle and Scott LS004 glasses are the perfect pair of specs to help create that futuristic look. Their brushed metal hexagonal style accompanied with touches of olive green around the rims give the glasses a fashionable flair. With either green or grey lens tints, you’ll get the perfect futuristic sunglasses you’re searching for. Find out how to tint your lenses here

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