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ReWear collection: Glasses inspired by nature

Are you looking for earth-inspired tones with your next frame choice? 

Specsavers have just launched ReWear, their new frame collection which is genuinely inspired by nature. The selection offers a range of 24 glasses that are both trendy and creative whilst remaining high quality.

The frames are partially made from recycled plastic bottles, as well as other materials, to create a selection of desirable frames. Working closely with key industry bodies to ensure the collection meets the best standards currently in place, the frames show how Specsavers’ is taking steps towards a more conscientious approach to manufacturing. 

The name of the collection reflects that Specsavers are reusing plastic bottles into something that can be worn again and again….recycled never looked so good.

How are the ReWear frames inspired by nature?

Not only are the frames partially made from recycled materials, but their design also has nature at the forefront. The collection comes in a variety of colours which are typically found in nature, from moss and sand to blossom, rain and slate. This nature-inspired colour palette allows the frames to be complimentary to everyone, and the different designs can offer both a subtle or statement look.

Here we’ll take a closer look at the collection, to see how the frames are really inspired by nature.

Wooden colour palette

To really immerse yourself in the natural look, adopting a pair of glasses with a wooden colour palette frame is the route to go. These Primrose frames are just the right pair to bring this nature-inspired look to life. The warm brown colour is in a round-eye style with a keyhole bridge, which will suit almost every face shape.

Simple square glasses

Green is a colour that is constantly on trend, and these moss coloured frames are the perfect square glasses for your wardrobe. The Sandalwood frames have a semi-translucent finish with matching sides that give an overall earthy look. After the last year, many people have sought solace in the outside world, and natural colours like moss are trending as a result. So, inject an essence of nature into your life with these glasses. Their simple design will look great for most occasions from a trip to the office to after-work drinks, pair with a plain white top or shirt to allow the moss colour to shine.

Or if you’re looking for a darker shade of green, try these Aubergine frames. Their dark, wide square design is a striking look for anyone with strong facial features and will emphasise the eyes.

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Minimal and modern frames

These River glasses are the epitome of minimal and modern, a key focus of the ReWear collection. Where the classic round shape has had a modern twist with the hexagonal top rim of the frames, making these glasses a quirky take on the style. Due to the crystal clear design, you could level up these specs by pairing them with a going out outfit that could be either bold and bright or minimal and monochrome - both colour palettes would work.

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Alternatively, opt for these matte black Slate frames, where their round shape follows the simple design and brings a retro element to any look. The sleek design oozes sophistication and will look great with an all-black outfit.

Bright round glasses

Glasses that bring a pop of colour to your look are always a good idea. These Lake frames offer a burgundy shade that is reminiscent of blossom flowers. And the light round shape has a sweeping brow line that mirrors ripples in a lake and is a delicate design for all faces. Pair these translucent glasses with a similar pink and purple shade of clothing, to really make the frames pop.

Sea blue framed glasses

Away from the forest inspired colour palette is the Kalinaframes in a beautiful and serene blue. Reminiscent of the sea, these crystal blue glasses will be perfect for blue or green eyes, pulling all the attention onto them. Also, as these blue frames are partially made from recycled plastic water bottles, the colour emphasises an awareness of a more conscientious approach to manufacturing whilst allowing you to make a lasting impression by their ocean blue design.

Specsavers’ new ReWear collection is a demonstration of partially reusing materials to create stylish frames that can be worn again and again. Offering several different designs and colours, there is a frame for everyone —  explore the whole collection here