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8 flat top sunglasses styles with prescription lenses

Looking to modernise your sunglasses style this season? Then flat top frames are the way forward. Their strong, straight upper rim and oversized silhouette bring just the right amount of attitude and edge to your style. Here are our top picks of statement flat top sunglasses for big, bold styles.

Are flat top sunglasses in style?

Often wearing these chunky frames to hide from the paparazzi, celebrities have sparked the new trend for flat top (or flat brow) sunglasses. And while we don’t all need to hide from the cameras, who doesn’t want to make a statement with their shades? Bold and geometric in their design, flat top frames are perfect for glasses-wearers who dare to be adventurous with their style — and have an outgoing personality to match. 

Top picks for flat top sunglasses

The flat brow trend is unisex — anyone can pull off their bold style. It’s less about what gender they are labelled as, and more about what catches your eye. Here’s our selection of stylish flat-top specs:

A-lister inspired frames

Want the A-lister look? These Viktor Rolf frames are the exact style you’d find on celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Their oversized, squared-off style is an edgy alternative to theclassic cat-eye, and their tortoiseshell pattern adds to the boldness of the design without being too in-your-face.

If you find black frames too harsh, go for these Port Douglass sunglasses. Their brown tortoiseshell lenses will add warmth to your complexion, and the classic double bridge draws attention upwards to the exaggerated brow line.

Dare to go red

If you don’t think classic black sunglasses are adventurous enough, why not add a bold colour to the mix? These Barbs sunglasses are the pop of red that everyone needs. Pair with a sharp suit or dress for a quirky touch to a classic outfit.

Pilot style

If a straightforward silhouette isn’t adventurous enough, why not go for a pilot-inspired pair? For an exaggerated take on the classic pilot style design, opt for these Ammon sunglasses. The double bridge detailing is an interesting twist on the straight, solid brow line, and their chunky acetate  frames bring an effortless edginess.

For a sleeker design that’s still in style, these Timberland frames are perfect. The matte acetate frames, coupled with a the moody grey/blue colourway give these a pared back coolness ideal for any occasion

Fashion-forward frames

If you pull style inspiration from the catwalks of fashion week, go for these simple but stylish John Dory sunglasses. These frames are made of matte black metal, with a squarer lens than you would usually expect on an pilot style – updating the classic and bringing them firmly into the 21st Century. 

Who do flat top sunglasses look good on?

With chunky sunglasses styles, there’s a fine line between bold and too big. Although flat top frames are exaggerated, they should highlight your features — not overpower them. So, when  picking your pair, make sure that they’re still in proportion to your features, and that the lenses don’t reach below your nose.