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Hearing Aids in Australia

I am British from Exeter, but now living in Australia. I have money in England but lose so much by bringing it across here owing to the exchange rate. I would like to purchase a top quality hearing aid and would like to know if I can do this from you (at my risk). The situation here in this country is that there is no competition resulting in high and higher prices. We really need Specsavers to open up hearing centres as the company has exploded the former complacency which existed with specs. I called at the Exeter branch in April but my holiday was not long enough to have one fitted. I have had hearing tests which reveal medium loss of hearing in both ears. What are the chances and what are the risks? Thanks Douglas


Hi DouglasThank you for your question. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to send hearing aids over to you in Australia. However, if you know you are coming back over to England on holiday again, you might be able to book an appointment for the beginning of your holiday and get some hearing aids fitted before you leave again - we need approximately 10 days to have them made and get them fitted to you. Whilst there is no reason that this shouldn't be successful, the main risk is if you have any difficulties with the aids when you get back to Australia. You would need to find a local Audiologist willing to take on your Aftercare should the aids require any future adjustment.You will be aware that Specsavers is now the largest provider of spectacles in Australia - hopefully hearing aids will get there in the not too distant future!