Decade nostalgia continues with 80s glasses

Do you feel like everywhere you look people are wearing bright colours, watching throwback TV shows and listening to old-school music on repeat? It’s all very — 80s — isn’t it.

Well, it’s safe to say trends from the 1980s are making their way back around again, so prepare yourself for power suits and double denim. But beyond clothes, accessories are returning too; from fingerless gloves and legwarmers to the most important — statement sunglasses.

What do 80s sunglasses look like?

In the 1980s, fashion trends were inspired heavily by pop culture. Everyone looked to their favourite celebrities from film and music to craft their own lookalike styles. The 80s style was bold, the antithesis of the current minimalistic trends, and an era where the saying “less is more” didn’t resonate. Picture oversized, chunky frames and outlandish colourways. However, the decade still heralded some classic silhouettes such as pilot style frames too. Find our top picks below.

Classic 80s pilot style sunglasses

The pilot style design is infamous. Developed in the 40s but popularised in the 80s by cinema, this frame style combines teardrop lenses with a double bridge to create the iconic shape. Channel your innor pilot with these Marc Jacobs Sun Rx 14frames. The rich golden colour will bring warmth to a simple outfit, all-year round. 

Do you prefer cool tones? Then these Specsavers Guppy Sun Rx are the ones to pick. The silver frames are paired with green lenses to create a cool look with more angled lenses than the traditional pilot shape frame. Pair with a grey suit for a slick style.

If you’re a goth at heart, we’ve got you covered with these Converse CV103s Sun Rx sunglasses. The frames embody the traditional pilot style, however, the blackout lenses and wire frames are a dark take on the pilot style. The colour palette and lack of pattern mean these are an easy pair to slip on all day, every day.

Can’t say no to 80s neon

It’s safe to say that the 80s were colourful, and that’s one sure fire way to incorporate 80s style into your 2020s wardrobe. Like the Specsavers Claudia frames crafted with unique pink ombré design. Tint the lenses to create your very own pair of go-to colourful sunglasses.

Brighten the traditional pilot style by adding a traditional brown sun tint to the Roxy 50 prescription frames. Pair the 80s sunglasses with a white top, pink skirt and leg warmers to go all out 80s. Add silver jewellery and a grey coat to complete the look.

Did you know that wearing bright colours has the potential to effect your state of mind? Blue Monday might be behind us, but maybe a colourful pair of glasses is all you need to cheer you up on your next rainy day. Read more about the trend here.

Bold, browline glasses

The browline style first appeared in the 1950s, resurfaced via 80s boy bands and is once again making its way back into popular fashion. The style typically features a top-heavy upper rim with lighter lower rims that can seem rimless. This usually draws attention to the wearers’ browline, so the style is most suited to those with rectangular or heart-shaped faces. To nail this style try adding a lens treatment to these Levi 04 frames to re-create the classic style.

How to jump back into the 80s

If you think you’ve found your perfect pair, use our virtual try-on tool to see what the 80s sunglasses style will look like on you. If you’re still struggling, read our Buyer’s Guide for tips and tricks about how to shop for eyewear online including how to pick glasses to suit your face shape and hair colour. For more style and trend inspiration, visit our #LoveGlasses blog.