70s sunglasses: Vintage-style frames to wear this season

The 1970’s was a decade of disco, Top of the Pops, and political protest. Fashion featured flared trousers, tassels, leather, and floaty blouses. Hair was long and layered, often with oversized fringes, or for men, cut into bowl cuts and mullets.

Nowadays, the inherently cool 70s style is making its comeback via screens both big and small — from TikTok creators donning their roller skates and dancing  to Fleetwood Mac, to the release of BBC drama The Serpent. With disco and rock’n'roll silhouettes trickling back into mainstream fashion, it's no surprise that 70s sunglasses are back in style too. Introducing the 70’s style through your glasses is a subtle take on the trend and a surefire way to achieve the look without it being overkill. Check out our top picks below.

What sunglasses were popular in the 70s?

The 70s catapulted sunglasses style from functional to fun. Bold, cat eye, supersized, and geometric style glasses frames came to the fore and can still be seen echoed in fashion today. Superstar celebrities were the style trendsetters of the 70s, becoming infamous for their iconic eyewear looks.

How to get the look: 70s sunglasses for men and women

Introducing vintage, 70s sunglasses into your wardrobe is a subtle take on the trend and a surefire way to achieve the look without it being overkill. Check out our top picks below.

Acetate aviator-inspired sunglasses

The trends are flooded right now with brown and orange hues, and if you pair these tortoiseshell colours with the iconic pilot style, you’ve nailed the 70s aesthetic. These Specsavers Port Douglas sunglasses feature a chunky acetate frame, moulded into a pilot-style shape with its classic double brow detail — 70s sunglasses perfect for any summer day.

All black sunglasses

Or go all black with these aviator-inspired sunglasses, they are a great way to achieve the off-duty model look — it’s no wonder the style has remained so popular over time. For fans of the 70s sunglasses but want a bit more vintage glamour, amp up your glasses choice with these Specsavers sunnies. They ooze a striking coolness and sophistication.

Chunky, square sunglasses

Nothing says ‘70’s style’ quite like a chunky pair of square-framed, vintage sunglasses. To execute the look, opt for thick, square-framed glasses such as these Viktor&Rolf statement pair. Their light tortoiseshell pattern combined with the oversized, chunky acetate plastic come together for maximum effect. If you like the angular, geometric style but you don’t want a thick frame, the Dalia Sun RX frame is ideal.

Bright, orange sunnies

Orange and yellow sunglasses were all the rage in the 70s. These Specsavers Monkfish shades are a modern take on the square sunglasses that are bound to draw attention to your eyes. Made from translucent-effect acetate, contrasting detail on the tips and a subtle brown tint on the lens, you’re sure to channel 70s vibes.

Earth tones and tints

Nothing says 70s style like earthy warm tones. With so much time spent indoors recently, bring a natural element to your look with earth-toned frames. If you want to experiment with colour for this look, stand-out burgundy, maroons and copper work best. These brown-tinted Merton shades with gold polarised clip-on lenses will bring some warmth to your face.

It’s also worth knowing that you can add a coloured lens tint to almost any of our prescription glasses frames to transform them into tinted sunglasses. Find out more about lens tints here.

Bold, tortoiseshell sunglasses

A colourful take on tortoiseshell glasses are also a great way to infuse your wardrobe with an array of patterns — it’s no wonder the style has remained so popular over time. For fans of the feline silhouette, go for these Karen Millen sunglasses in a blue tortoiseshell to elevate any outfit. Alternatively, these Red Mullet frames feature a strong tortoiseshell brown in their striking yet stylish browline.

Circular sunglasses

The influence of John Lennon’s trademark round-eye glasses carried on well into the 70’s. If you want to recreate the look, try these striking Viktor&Rolf sunnies. The stylish double bridge adds a modern element to the 70s sunglasses style, while the two-tone colouring is reminiscent of the colours popular in the era. Pair with a denim jacket and you’ve nailed the 70s fashion for men.

Feeling inspired to experiment with the 70s sunglasses fashion trend? Our virtual try-on tool lets you try-out as many pairs of glasses before you buy — so you can find the perfect fit for your hair colour and face shape