Contact lenses

Do you sell all contact lenses?

We sell a number of the most popular major brands via our website. If you are an existing Specsavers customer and are looking for our easyvision range, these lenses can be purchased through our stores and via our Lensmail home delivery scheme. 

Can I change to a different type of contact lens?

Under Opticians Board regulations, we can only supply you with lenses as specified on your current contact lens prescription. If you want to try a different contact lens type you must obtain a new specification from your optician. All of our stores can offer both sight tests and contact lens tests. Please use the links at the top of the website page to find your nearest store.

Is there a minimum number of lenses I have to order?

Yes. All orders need to be for a minimum period of 3 months supply.

Is there a maximum number of lenses I can order?

Yes. Regulations governing the dispensing of contact lenses means that we can’t supply you with contact lenses beyond the expiry date of your current contact lens specification.

What is a valid contact lens specification?

A valid contact lens specification is one that has been issued by a registered optician or contact lens practitioner and which has not exceeded its expiry date. It will detail the full contact lens specification, including the manufacturer, type of lens, base curve, diameter and the powers.

If you indicate during your purchase that you are a Specsavers customer we will obtain your contact lens prescription from the Specsavers store you identify when setting up your account. If you are not an existing Specsavers customer, you should upload a photograph or electronic copy of your contact lens specification to us via the website in order for us to progress your order.

How do I get my contact lens specification?

Just ask the optician who issued your contact lens specification - they are required by law to provide it for you. Please request the original specification where possible, not a copy.

What if I do not have a contact lens specification?

In order for us to comply with Opticians Board regulations, we cannot supply you with contact lenses unless you have a valid contact lens specification for the lenses you have ordered. Please do not attempt to buy contact lenses online without a valid prescription as we will not be able to fulfil your order. Payment is taken at the time of order for all orders placed online; where we are unable to process an order due to non receipt of prescription or the supplied prescription not being valid for the chosen lenses, orders will be automatically cancelled after 30 days and monies refunded.

If you require a new contact lens prescription you should first contact your optician to arrange for a check-up – which may be chargeable. You may also need a sight test and this may again be chargeable. To make these appointments with your nearest Specsavers store please use the links at the top of the main website page.

Can I use my spectacles prescription to buy contact lenses?

No. We can only accept a full contact lens specification for contact lenses. If you have never worn contact lenses before, or you don't have a copy of your specification, we will be unable to progress your order until we receive one. 

What do the numbers mean on a box of contact lenses?

Contact lens box

Your contact lens specification is indicated on the box your lenses came in.

Contact lens box

Base curve – Also known as the Back Optic Zone Radius (BOZR), measured in millimetres and is a measurement of the radius of the back surface of the contact lens.

Diameter - Also known as the Total Diameter (TD) measured in millimetres and is the total diameter of the contact lens.

SPH (sphere) - The amount of long (+) or short (-) sight. The higher the number, the stronger the prescription lens required.

CYL (cylinder) - The amount of astigmatism, or visual distortion, caused by an irregularly shaped cornea.

Axis - The direction of the astigmatism, measured in degrees. If you have a value for axis you must give us a value for cylinder.

Do you provide aftercare services?

Specsavers Opticians have over 40 stores across the Republic of Ireland who can provide full aftercare services. Please use the links at the top of the main website page to find your nearest Specsavers store.