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What are the signs of eye problems in children?


Children develop full vision in each eye over the course of their first year. Young babies can't see beyond a few feet and there's nothing to worry about if they can't recognise your face from a distance for their first three or four months.

Watery eyes are also common in young babies as the ducts that carry the tears away from the surface of their eyes are not fully open for the first few months. If this problem doesn't clear up by your child's first birthday, it's best to get it checked out with your GP.

More serious eye problems that need advice from your optician or GP include persistent or recurring eye infections, or if your notice your baby's eyes do not move together perfectly, e.g. when looking at an object straight ahead one eye is pointed slightly outward (squint).

When your child is three or four, if they have difficulty recognising shapes, colours or showing no interest in pictures in storybooks, your opticians should have the necessary tests to conduct a full eye examination.

Your child doesn't have to be able to read to have their sight tested.

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