We have pulled together a handy step-by-step guide to help you log in to your RemoteCare appointment

Step-by-step guide

  • Click the link included in your text or email invitation. This will open a new internet browser window using the Confrere system.
  • Enter your name and mobile number and click ‘Next’. This will help your clinician in case there’s a connection issue during your appointment.
  • To ensure your clinician can see and hear you, select ‘Allow camera and microphone access’ and allow access when prompted by your device.
  • If you can see yourself on camera, select ‘Yes’ to proceed. Selecting ‘No’ will provide some options to help rectify the problem.
  • A test sound will play, select ‘Yes’ if you can hear it. You may need to turn the volume up on your device.
  • Your microphone will test to see if it can hear you. Select ‘next’.
  • Confrere will perform a 15 second connection test. When it's done, select ‘I’m ready, notify my clinician’.
  • Your clinician will be notified that you are ready for your appointment. Keep this window open to allow them to join the consultation.
  • When your clinician is ready, click ‘Accept video call’ to join the call.
  • Select ‘End call’ to end the consultation.

What do I need for it to work?

  • A smartphone, either with working Wifi/3G/4G connection
  • Your Internet Browser needs to have your phone's microphone and camera enabled (you can see how to alter this in your phone settings here)
  • iPhones running older software that has not been updated (iOS 12 and earlier) will need to download the Whereby app to join the consultation)

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