From Athleisure to Street Style: Wraparound Sunglasses

Look around this summer and you might notice a surprising eyewear trend; everyone is wearing wraparound sunglasses. What might have originated as a sportswear sunglasses style has been adopted by fashionistas everywhere, making wraparound sunglasses the ultimate functional-meets-fashionable summer shades.

Read on to discover the best wraparound sunglasses and find out how to style them.

What are wraparound sunglasses?

Wraparound sunglasses have a sporty silhouette with frames that wrap around the head to provide full-coverage UV protection for the eyes. This protective style was first invented for outdoor activities such as skiing and cycling when the wearer requires full coverage eyewear. 

Due to its quirky and futuristic appearance, however, the style was later adopted by 90s ravers, beginning wraparound sunglasses’ fashion legacy and leading to their revived popularity today.

Functional and fashionable, you’re as likely to find these versatile sunglasses on a sporty dad as a stylish daughter.

Explore the best wraparound sunglasses

Look no further than sportswear giant Adidas for the best wraparound sunglasses. Whilst these men’s sunglasses have thinner frames than the traditional style, they feature the trademark flat brow line with a vibrant orange interior. These shades would be perfect for a summer’s day on the golf course, followed by a well-deserved BBQ in the garden.

We challenge you to find a cooler pair of wraparound sunglasses than these Specsavers Sprinter sunglasses. The lightweight frame curves around the face to protect from the wind and sun, whilst the clip-on lenses come in three styles (blue mirrored, yellow tinted and clear), allowing you to switch it up depending on desired function or aesthetic. Pair the yellow or blue frames of these wraparound sunglasses with a colour co-ordinating football shirt and you’ll be the most stylish person at any event this summer.

Truly embrace the futuristic style of wraparound sunglasses with these clear acetate Adidas shades with silver temples. Pair with a head-to-toe Adidas athleisurewear outfit to rock these sporty sunglasses as they were originally intended and achieve peak athletic performance with the style to match.

In search of a pair of everyday wraparound sunglasses? Specsavers have you covered. These oval, wide-lens sunglasses are flattering on every face shape and the wraparound style means they’re comfortable to wear all day long. The epitome of sporty chic, whether you’re on your way to a morning workout or dressed up in a suit and tie for the office, these wraparound sunglasses will look the part.

These matte-grey sunglasses evoke the wraparound style with a creative twist; each temple has a mottled pattern running down it. Take a trip down memory lane and create a 90s aesthetic with these wraparound sunglasses and a double denim outfit.

Beyond the basics: how to style wraparound sunglasses

Style wraparound sunglasses with your best athleisurewear and you’ll feel unbeatable. Whether you’re taking in the summer air on the golf course or pounding the streets in training for a marathon, wraparound sunglasses will help you achieve a personal best, and look good whilst doing it.

Creative ways to incorporate wraparound sunglasses into your wardrobe

If you’re looking for a nostalgic 90s-inspired aesthetic, wraparound sunglasses can be the ultimate streetwear accessory for both men and women too. Pair with a bucket hat or low-rise jeans and you’ll be ready to rave all day. Or pair the wraparound sunglasses with your everyday jeans and t-shirt and the futuristic sunglasses style will instantly make your outfit more interesting. Plus, they’ll give your eyes ultimate protection too. Sounds like a win-win.

Find your perfect pair of wraparounds

Stay on trend this summer with a pair of wraparound prescription sunglasses. Try our virtual try-on guide or take a look through our buyer’s guides to see what would look best with your hair colour and face shape. Make sure to check out our #LoveGlasses blog for more eyewear trends and popular styles.