A guide to earplugs

Hearing damage

Our ears are complex and highly sensitive. Prolonged exposure to loud sounds can gradually cause hearing damage. In fact, if you work or regularly spend time in environments where loud noise is common, you could be losing your hearing without even realising it. Once you lose your hearing, that’s it, most noise-related hearing loss is irreversible.

We offer specialised hearing protection products designed for use in specific environments where noise-related hearing loss is a potential risk. These products protect your ears but also allow you to hear important sounds, like voices, clearly. They range from instant fit products for occasional leisure and DIY use, to custom fit devices aimed at providing protection at work or in more specialised environments.

Below are some typical decibel levels of everyday situations:

Decibel levels

Normal speech - 60-65 dBA
A busy street - 78-85 dbBA
Hearing damage starts
Lawn mower - 85 dBA
Forklift truck - 90 dBA
Hand drill/angle grinder - 98 dBA
Heavy lorry about seven metres away - 95-100 dBA
Music venue/nightclub - 110 dBA
Chainsaw - 115-120 dBA

Custom fit hearing protection

Produced from impressions taken of the user’s ears, custom fits hearing devices provide an individual and unique fit with guaranteed levels of protection. Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, custom hearing protection means users can wear the devices for longer than standard earplugs and can experience greater levels of protection.

Custom fit earplugs are also more hard-wearing and are available in a choice of colours. There are a variety of options from general use to specialised products for motorcyclists, swimmers, musicians and DJs, shooters, travellers, DIYers and those in need of a good nights sleep. They come in a choice of colours and are guaranteed for one year*. Custom hearing protection is available from just €115.95. Ask in-store for details.

* Non-faulty goods cannot be returned. Remakes due to poor fit can be returned for remake in 30 days.


Custom hearing protection for motorcyclists

Wind and engine noise are a constant problem for motorcyclists, and can seriously damage your hearing. Specsavers custom hearing protection has been specifically developed and guaranteed to combat the irreversible damage that could be caused by the sound levels experienced while riding a motorbike or prolonged periods or at speed. They are designed to fit comfortably without restricting your helmet.


Custom hearing protection for swimmers

Effective blocking from water, these earplugs fit deep into the ear canal and cover the bowl of the ear. This protection prevents water from entering the ear canal causing infections. The silicon used does not shrink or harden and allows them to float.

DJ turntables

Custom hearing protection for musicians and nightclubs

Whether you play in a band, DJ or work in a club, prolonged exposure to loud music can damage your hearing. Custom made hearing protection will comfortably protect your ears without spoiling your enjoyment of the music. And, if you’re working with customers, you will still hear clearly what they’re saying over the high levels of sound. Musicians’ earplugs reduce ambient noise, so the fidelity of the original music is preserved with no loss of clarity.


Custom hearing protection for shooters

Incorporating a state of the art passive impact noise filter, originally designed for military use, these custom earplugs offer the best protection for shooting or other pastimes where noise can suddenly be instantaneous. They also allow instructions, conversations and alerts to be heard.


Custom hearing protection for DIYers

Constant levels of noise above 85dB can damage your hearing. This means that DIYers are at risk when drilling, grinding, sanding or using any other power tools during home maintenance or vehicle repairs. These custom fit earplugs are both comfortable and offer peace of mind that your job or hobby is not affecting your hearing.

Sleeping woman

Custom hearing protection for hose in need of a good night’s sleep

Sleep problems can be caused by a multitude of things for instance: snoring or a partner, noisy neighbours or noisy environment, maybe just an irregular work pattern, all of which can cause profound stress just when you want to relax. Shut out the world and indulge in a good night’s sleep with these custom earplugs.

Instant fit hearing protection

Advances in technology mean the latest generation of instant fit devices are now more effective and comfortable than ever. They are reusable and available in six variants and are each designed for use in specific environments.



Perfect for all water sports, they prevent water entering your ears, reducing the risk of infection, while still allowing you to hear ambient sounds.

Product specific benefits

  • Reduces the risk of ear infection
  • Prevents water from entering the ear
  • Reduces the risk of surfer’s ear
  • Offers protection against loud noise
  • Suitable for use in sea water and swimming pools
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Block noise from traffic, noisy neighbours and snoring while helping you to have a peaceful night’s sleep.

Product specific benefits

  • Reduces the effect of a partner snoring
  • Reduces hotel noise from lifts, revellers, kitchen noise, etc
  • Reduces street noise from cars, refuse collection, revellers, etc
  • Allows a deeper sleep
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Help prevent hearing damage when using power and garden tools, including chainsaws, grinders or mowers.

Helps to prevent hearing damage when using:

  • Power and garden tools, both electric and petrol
  • Chainsaws, mowers and other powered equipment
  • Air tools, as used by professional and amateur mechanics
  • Grinding wheels, linishers, band saws etc.
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An advanced filter provides open-air passage to the ear for ventilation while reducing engine and wind noise.

Product specific benefits

  • Reduces wind and air turbulence noise while riding
  • Filter design allows ear to breathe for extra comfort
  • Reduces engine noise to safe, comfortable levels
  • Prevents hearing damage at motor sport events
  • Prevents hearing damage during long runs
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Certified up to 166dB, they protect your ears from the peak sound pressure level of gunshots or other impact sounds reducing them to safe levels. When no sound peaks are present, voices and background noise can be heard.

For use with

  • Single shot, automatic and shotgun firearms
  • Explosives
  • Impulse and impact noise
  • Sporting guns, hunting and combat
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In Ear Plugs

Lin-Ear PR20, Music Earplugs

Ideal for concertgoers, clubbers or those that simply want to enjoy loud music situations at a safe hearing level.

Product specific benefits

  • Allows wearer to enjoy music at a safe hearing level
  • Helps prevent hearing damage during concerts
  • Highly suitable for clubbing
  • Ideal for festivals and other outdoor events
  • Optimum comfort
  • Minimum occlusion
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