As we adjust to new ways of working and living in light of COVID-19, we’re taking all the steps possible to maintain our services while keeping you safe in-store. Following government guidance, we’ve made a few changes to your store experience, as well as our eye and hearing tests, for the safety of all of our customers and colleagues.

How will my Specsavers store experience be different?

When you next come in to see us, you’ll notice that things have changed a little, but our team will make sure you’re still getting the same Specsavers service you’re used to.

You can find more information on the specific steps we’re taking below, and our teams in store will also be on-hand to explain the new processes to you and answer any questions you may have.

What steps are Specsavers taking to protect their customers in-store?

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be used for the protection of everyone in our stores – both customers and colleagues. We’ll be following the guidance of Public Health bodies  to make sure that all of our store teams are using the right level of PPE where necessary.

For example, in our consulting rooms and in direct care interactions (e.g. eye and hearing tests), your optician or audiologist might wear a face mask, apron and gloves. Other colleagues not providing direct care may also be wearing some forms of PPE, including face masks. You might also notice some perspex shields around the store to help create a safer environment.


We’ll be offering hand sanitiser to everyone coming into store, in line with guidance from the Government of ROI and Public Health Bodies. We will also be asking customers, in advance, if they are symptom free on the day of their appointment to avoid the spread of the virus where possible.

Surfaces and equipment will be disinfected before use and our team will keep up with frequent handwashing. If you’re trying on glasses, please hand them back to us when you’re finished so that we can disinfect them before the next customer. 

What measures are in place to help older and high-risk customers?

We’ll be following all of the official recommended guidelines to ensure that examinations remain safe for everyone, including those who might be more vulnerable at this time. If you would like some more information on this before you visit, just call your local store and our store team will be able to answer any questions you may have in advance.

What changes have been made to ensure eye and hearing tests are safe?

Before your test

Once you’ve booked an appointment, one of the store team will give you a call back to ask you a few questions. Once they’ve got all the information they need, they’ll either recommend that you come in store for an eye test or suggest that you chat to our experts over the phone or by video with our RemoteCare service.

During your test

All of our optometrists, audiologists and store teams have carried out training on the proper use of PPE and infection control to make sure everyone is as safe as possible during their appointment. Your optician or audiologist will put on new PPE before every person they see and will disinfect each piece of equipment so that everything is sterile for your examination. They will then carry out a tailored examination for your specific needs, focusing on the main reasons for your visit. Some equipment may look a little different too, with modifications such as perspex shields on the slit lamps we use to examine your eyes.

Find out more about the general eye test process

What official guidance is Specsavers following at this time?

We’re keeping up to date with all official guidance available to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers. In particular, we are following the guidance that the Department of Health and the Health and Safety Executive have all agreed to. These measures may change over time, but rest assured that we will always act in accordance with these guidelines.

What can customers do to make store visits a safer experience?

We’re doing all we can to make sure your next visit with us is as safe and enjoyable as possible. However, there are a few steps that you can take to make everyone’s experience a little easier:

  • Any extra information you can give us when we call you before your visit will help us to tailor your appointment once you arrive
  • Our team may also ask you to take a look at products (such as frames or hearing aids) on our website to help things run smoothly when you visit us in store
  • Store visits, waiting times and appointments may take a little longer than usual to make sure that we maintain the highest standards of safety and hygiene

For more information and updates on eye and hearing care at this time, visit our COVID-19 Care resource.

Everything you need to know about our Coronavirus care

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