Please see below a helpful guide to prepare you for your RemoteCare appointment.

  • If possible, have a family member with you during the call to help with communication. Don’t worry if this is not possible.
  • Try and find a quiet area to sit in. Turn off the TV, radio, etc so we can help you as best we can.
  • If possible, use a tablet or computer rather than your phone because the screen is bigger. If you’re using a phone/tablet, please ensure it is fully charged before the call. It might be worthwhile keeping a charger to hand in case you’re low on battery.
  • If you can find a well-lit space to sit in, great! But avoid sitting directly under a light as we won’t be able to see you properly. If possible, sit facing a window. You should test out the lighting in advance of the call.
  • Avoid sitting outside or near open spaces/windows because wind noise (even a very slight breeze) will reduce the sound quality. Using a headset or headphones can help with sound quality but can be hard to use with hearing aids. You can test this out in advance by wearing your headphones in different positions on the ear. Near the top of the ear by the hearing aid microphone may be best, depending on the type of earpiece you use.
  • If existing Hearing Aid users have a streamer device (which can link their hearing aids to the computer/phone/ tablet) then choose that option. This will provide you with optimum sound quality.

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