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Meet the designer: Lydia Blackshaw

Have you heard about our new Design Collective range created by young, fresh design talent in the UK? 

Meet Lydia Blackshaw, one of the brilliant designers who wanted to create glasses with colourful pops of personality. 

'I studied Jewellery and Silversmithing at Glasgow School of Art. I've always been quite self-directed, I started my own business as an independent jewller as I'm fascinated by the technicality of "making". For me, designing eyewear has been a really interesting experience.' 

'I've worn glasses my whole life, so it's been amazing learning how frames are crafted and to get that technical knowledge as well as the creative aspect. My sister is a fashion illustrator and we've always had a collaborative rather then competitive relationship. She's been great at talking me through creative blocks and has always been someone I look up to.' 

'I see myself pushing boundaries in eyewear by walking a fine line of artistic yet wearable eyewear. Although glasses are first and foremost a medical device, I see them in the same category as any accessory.' 

'I paint a lot, I love American abstract art in particular. My background is in fine art, so I do a lot of hand sketching as opposed to 3D rendering. I really enjoying drawing my ideas then refining as I go on.' 

'My inspiration for my designs came from seeing the rise in popularity of clear glasses. When you look at the glasses straight on, you see clear acetate. Turning them to the side lets the colour and character come through.'

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