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Phonak Audéo Belong hearing aids

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Effortless hearing for any location

Perfect for busy people who love to travel, Phonak Audéo Belong hearing aids offer hassle-free, fast charging options at home and on the go.

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Hearing clarity whenever you need it

Crisp, clear hearing should be effortless. With the new range of Phonak Audéo Belong and Audéo B-R rechargable hearing aids, you can enjoy 24 hours of hearing on one simple three-hour charge. Even a quick 30-minute charge will give you up to six hours of full performance. That’s thanks to a groundbreaking, built-in rechargable lithium-ion battery - so no more hassle changing and disposing of batteries either.

Hearing aid case

Unmatched performance every day

Audéo B-R utilises an innovative, industry-only operating system to bring you unmatched hearing performance in everyday listening situations. It also means your hearing aids adapt to every sound environment automatically - so there’s no need to manually adjust the hearing aids.

Mini charger

Give your hearing aids the green light

All Audéo B-R hearing aids come with the easy-to-use, compact mini charger. Simply place your hearing aids in the charger (they switch themselves off automatically when in the charger) and they will be ready for use again in no time. The hearing aids have green LED indicators on them so it’s easy to see when the hearing aids are charging (lights flashing) and when they are fully charged (lights permanently on). Wearers can also benefit from the larger charging case, which acts as a drying kit and additional protection. The case also has a power pack option, which provides charging power for up to seven days - ideal for people who travel or when no power source is available.

Rechargable Hearing Aids:

Phonak Belong-R50 are €3,095 a pair, Phonak Belong-R70 are €3,395 a pair and Phonak Belong-R90 are €3,795 a pair.

Non Rechargable Hearing Aids:

Phonak Belong 30 are €2,795 a pair, Phonak Belong 50 are €2,995 a pair, Phonak Belong 70 are €3,295 a pair and Phonak Belong 90 are €3,695 a pair.

Remember, our hearing aid prices always include:

  • Free hearing tests

    Free hearing test

  • 2 digital hearing aids

    Two digital hearing aids

  • Free aftercare

    Free aftercare

  • 4 years' free batteries

    Four years' free batteries

  • 90 day satisfaction

    90-day satisfaction

  • 4 year guarantee

    Four year guarantee