Great offers for kids

Great offers for kids

Free glasses for kids including UV filter

We have a fantastic range of glasses for younger customers, with fun designs including Gruffalo, Disney and Star Wars and many more. We also have some seriously stylish frames that never fail to impress. All glasses in our €55 range are free with an under-12s’ HSE optical voucher, including single-vision lenses and a UV filter.

Second pair only €24

We know it’s always handy to have a spare pair of glasses. That’s why when you choose from our kids’ €55 range, whether or not you qualify for free glasses, you can have a second pair from the same price range, to the same prescription, for only €24.

Safety in the sun

Children under 16 are at a higher risk of suffering UV damage to their eyes than adults. Yet while many parents are quick to reach for their own sunglasses on a sunny day, it often doesn’t occur to them to enforce the same level of protection for their children.  At Specsavers, we are passionate about children’s eyesight. That’s why all our kids’ glasses include single-vision lenses and a UV filter, to protect their eyes against long-lasting sun damage while playing outdoors. And if you make use of our Kids’ second pair only €24 offer, your second pair can be prescription sunglasses.

Why you should have your child's eyes tested soon

At Specsavers, we understand the importance of eye health and clear vision at all ages, including the young. A child’s first eye test should take place at around three years old. They don’t have to be able to read, thanks to special charts, shapes, picture books and other exciting materials that the optician can use instead.

Thankfully, serious vision problems during childhood are rare, but having your child’s eyes tested at an early age allows our opticians to diagnose and treat any potential issues as soon as possible. Waiting until after your child has started school might hamper their learning and development. It is also harder to correct any vision problems which may have developed.

Children accomplish as much as 80% of learning through sight during their first 12 years. So help them do their best at school and have your child’s eyes tested at Specsavers.

Terms and conditions

Cannot be used with other offers. A current prescription will be required. Alternatively an eye test will be required at our standard charge. Extra Options available at an additional charge.