Lens development experts at Specsavers believe they have identified the ideal lens material for children’s glasses and guarantee that the lenses won’t break.

In their ongoing drive to make children’s lenses as safe as possible, Specsavers has committed to fit unbreakable Trivex lenses as standard in all children’s glasses. The Trivex lenses are made from the same high-tech material in the canopies of fighter jets and combat helicopters. The new SuperTough lenses will prevent any of the familiar breakages to lenses that happen as part of children’s active lives, and are ideal for withstanding the everyday rough and tumble of childhood.

Owen Blee, chairman of Specsavers in Ireland, says: ‘We firmly believe that wearing glasses shouldn’t stop children from enjoying an active and energetic lifestyle and we’re so confident about the safety of SuperTough lenses that we guarantee they will not break, crack or chip. They’re absolutely ideal for kids’ glasses.’

Parents can feel safe in the knowledge that all glasses in the kids’ €55 range are free with an under-12s’ HSE optical voucher and come with SuperTough single vision lenses at no extra charge.

Familiar brands in this price ranges include Hello Kitty, Disney, Star Wars, Spiderman, Shrek, The Simpsons and Lego, as well as Specsavers’ own teen range.

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