Sound Check Ireland comes town...

Sound Check Ireland, a nationwide hearing roadshow is travelling around the country providing free hearing screenings. Recently the roadshow visited Bridgewater Shopping Centre, offering people the opportunity complimentary hearing tests.

Survey revealed

A survey, conducted at the event, revealed almost two-thirds (65%) of people who believed they suffered from hearing loss still had not done anything about it, while a staggering 88% of respondents were not aware that hearing loss can be an early detector of dementia.

A further 72% of respondents revealed that they were not aware that hearing loss can lead to depression.

Over the course of the weekend, 67% of those asked admitted to hiding their hearing loss, while half acknowledged that hearing loss has affected their social life.

Lifting the stigma

Hearing director at Specsavers in Arklow, Rob Smart said, ‘The presence of the Sound Check Ireland booth gives us the opportunity to remind people about the importance of looking after their hearing. We need to remove the stigma associated with hearing loss, in the same way as has been achieved with glasses.’

In addition to being experts in eye health, Specsavers also specialises in hearing with on-site hearing centres managed by qualified partners and staff. This offers an alternative for the 64% of respondents who said they would visit their GP to have their hearing checked, which would incur a cost for the patient.

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