Top female fashion blogger visits store

16 December, 2015
Suzanne Jackson visits store
Specsavers was thrilled to welcome top female fashion blogger Suzanne Jackson in store this month

Specsavers was thrilled to welcome top female fashion blogger Suzanne Jackson in store this month.

Since creating in 2010, Suzanne Jackson has become one of Ireland’s leading fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers, with her blog reaching over 1.1 million visitors a month.


In 2013, Suzanne visited her local Specsavers store for a consultation after she started to experience headaches. Following a thorough eye examination, Suzanne learnt that her headaches were a result of hours spent in front of a computer screen, religiously blogging away.

Special coating

To reduce the impact on her eyes and subsequent headaches, the store was able to fit her new designer glasses with a special coating to reduce glare.


Suzanne chose a fabulous pair of Missoni frames that were not only stylish and on trend, but also reduced the pressure on her eyes. Since Suzanne’s first trip to Specsavers in 2013, the fashionista admits that she is constantly asked where her designer frames are from.

Eye health

Always one to appreciate the importance of eye health, Suzanne recently revisited her local Specsavers for a check-up. Suzanne believes regular eye checks are vital and recommeds that everybody “ be proactive when it comes to the health of your eyes”.

Fashionable style

Renowned for her style, Suzanne opted for a gorgeous MAX&Co. pair of frames, along with a second pair of BOSS Orange frames. The new MAX&Co. frames, priced at €199, are both vibrant and fun, channeling Suzanne’s fashionable style.

Easy-to-wear eyewear

The MAX&Co. collection is characterised by fashionable, contemporary designs and a distinctive approach to print and colour. The youngest brand in the MaxMara Fashion Group portfolio, the range creates feminine, classic, easy-to-wear eyewear.

Designer frames

Suzanne is thrilled with her new designer frames and has noticed a big change in how her eyes feel. Even if you don’t suffer from eye problems, Suzanne would encourage everybody to go in to Specsavers “for a general check up to make sure everything is as it should be”.


To read Suzanne’s personal blog about her two fantastic trips to Specsavers, titled ‘My Trip To Specsavers & The Frames I Chose’, click here.

Two for one offer

Across the country, Specsavers has a vast range of designer frames to choose from, including John Rocha, MAX&Co., Karen Millen, Karl Lagerfeld, Cheap Monday and Jeff Banks. What’s even better, Specsavers designer frames are not only stylish but also affordable, with all of the frames included in the two for one offer.

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