Top fashion blogger Rosie Connolly visits store

18 January, 2016
Rosie Connolly in her new Karl Lagerfeld frames from Specsavers
Rosie Connolly in her new Karl Lagerfeld frames from Specsavers

One of Ireland’s favourtie fashion bloggers visits store Specsavers was thrilled to welcome top female fashion blogger Rosie Connolly in store this month.

Hearts, Heels and Handbags

After working in the fashion industry for over five years, Rosie decided to launch her successful blog, titled Hearts, Heels and Handbags in 2014. Since then Rosie has quickly become one of Ireland’s leading fashion, lifestyle and beauty bloggers, with her blog averaging over 50,000 hits a month.


The last time Rosie had her eyes checked was over five years ago and since then Rosie has unfortunately noticed an increasing deterioration in the quality of her sight. This prompted Rosie to finally visit her local Specsavers for a long overdue consultation.

Eye sight

Following her appointment, Rosie said “I never realized how bad my eye sight was. My sight was so blurry until the team at Specsavers used the right lens”. After her consultation, Rosie chose a fabulous pair of Karl Lagerfeld frames that are not only stylish and on trend, but have drastically improved her eye sight.


Rosie has seen such an improvement she jokingly compares it to the power of Photoshop, claiming “since my consultation everything looks so much better, it’s like it’s been sharpened on Photoshop!”

Fashionable style

Renowned for her style, Rosie opted for the gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld pair of frames, along with a second pair, which she is yet to reveal on her blog. The new Karl Lagerfeld frames, priced at €189, are both chic and contemporary, channeling Rosie’s fashionable style.

Sophistication and glamour

Karl Lagerfeld’s eyewear collection at Specsavers is made for the fashion and quality conscious customer. With each pair of frames exuding sophistication and glamour, there’s no doubt that these specs will be a massive hit with Rosie’s loyal followers and fans.


Rosie is thrilled with her new designer frames and has undoubtedly noticed a big change in how her eyes feel. Reflecting on her experience, Rosie would encourage everybody to go in to Specsavers for a general check up and to avail of their brilliant range of designer frames.

Designer specs

Across the country, Specsavers has a vast range of designer spec to choose from, including John Rocha, MAX&Co., Karen Millen, Karl Lagerfeld, Cheap Monday and Jeff Banks. What’s even better, Specsavers designer frames are not only stylish but also affordable, with all of the frames included in the two for one offer.

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