Specsavers is urging people to wear sunglasses this summer to protect their eyes against harmful rays. Not just a fashion accessory, sunglasses offer defence against ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause short and long-term eye damage including cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and other sun-related eye diseases.

Potential damage

Specsavers Chairperson Sinead Clohessy is warning people about the damage that the sun can cause: ‘Like your skin, your eyes need protection from the sun so whether you’re relaxing on the beach or going for a drive, it’s important to wear sunglasses. They are critical for keeping your eyes safe from harmful UV rays and also protect the delicate skin surrounding your eyes.’

Sinead continues ‘I’d also advise people to shop smart as sunglasses without an adequate UV rating can cause more damage than not wearing sunglasses at all. Your local Specsavers optician is best placed to advise you on the type of sunglasses for your needs in terms of protection, comfort and appearance.’

Specsavers has offered the following advice for finding the perfect pair:

1. Check that your sunglasses are marked UV 400.

2. Dark sunglasses do not necessarily provide more UV protection.

3. By adding polarised lenses, you can decrease the amount of glare, which can dazzle and strain your vision – particularly useful when you are by the pool or participating in outdoor sports.

4. The larger the lens, the more protection they’ll give your eyes as there’s less chance that light will filter in through the sides.

5. Ensure that your sunglasses fit properly. They shouldn’t be able to slip off, or have a tight strap that digs into your head.

6. Invest in photochromic lenses – such as the Specsavers Reactions lenses that instantly adapt to light changes, darkening in bright light. Alternatively, have prescription lenses tinted to minimise the amount of UV rays that reach your eyes.

UV protection

Specsavers has specialist equipment in-store to check the amount of UV protection being offered by sunglasses and welcomes customers who are unsure about the rating of their current pair to test that the lenses are providing adequate protection.

Stylish sunglasses

The opticians also offers an extensive range of stylish sunglasses, both prescription and non-prescription, for all age groups. Boasting designers such as GANT, Love Moschino, Karl Lagerfeld and MAX&C0. at affordable prices, you can protect your eyes without sacrificing fashion or spending a fortune. Kids sunglasses are available from €55 and adult sunglasses start at €89.

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