Store celebrates 15th anniversary

13 December, 2016
Specsavers Tallaght staff celebrate 15 years
Specsavers Tallaght staff celebrate 15 years

Recently celebrating 15 years in business Specsavers in Tallaght has proudly served the community since opening in 2001. Store directors James Ryan and Stephen McKenna, along with a team of experienced optometrists, an audiologist and highly trained staff, are an integral part of the community, providing exceptional optical and hearing services along with stylish yet affordable eyewear to the people of Tallaght.


The occasion was enjoyed by optometrist Pam Loughman, assistant manager, Carol Saul and store administrator Marian Lalor who have all worked at Specsavers Tallaght since its opening in 2001. Pam, Carol and Marian were on hand to offer their thoughts and advice following long-standing and successful careers with Specsavers.

Thorough eye examinations

Speaking about the technological developments of Specsavers’ eye care since her initiation with Specsavers, optometrist Pam noted huge positive change in the past 15 years stating, ‘Developments such as Digital Retinal Photography allow us in Specsavers Tallaght to undertake even more thorough eye examinations than before, offering the very best eyecare and advice to our patients. This is a welcome development within the optometry community.’

Customer satisfaction

Speaking about her experience at Specsavers Tallaght, assistant manager Carol said, ‘Since the day it opened, Specsavers Tallaght has always placed a strong focus on customer care and customer satisfaction and we really demonstrated this throughout the past 12 months, winning three separate customer service awards. It is our priority to provide a professional and friendly atmosphere in store and to always ensure that our customers know that they are in the right hands.’

Mutual respect

Store administrator, Marian spoke about her long and successful career at Specsavers Tallaght, commenting, ‘The team at Specsavers Tallaght has a wonderful sense of mutual respect and there is always strong communication of new ideas, suggestions and contributions which are always heavily valued within the team. All of the staff at Specsavers Tallaght are strongly invested in the work that we do.’


Store director James Ryan added, ‘We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating 15 successful years in business and would like to thank the people of Tallaght who have supported us from the beginning. I would like to offer my special and wholehearted thanks to the wonderful Carol, Pam and Marian who have been true cornerstones to the success of Specsavers Tallaght. Since opening in 2001, we have grown significantly and have undergone a number of improvements so that our store boasts the latest in optical and hearing technology for the local community.’

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