Specsavers kicked off its 2016 Sound Check Ireland Roadshow by bringing its hearing booth to the 50 Plus Expo in City Hall, Cork on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 March.

Baz and Nancy Ashmawy

Popular mother and son duo Baz and Nancy Ashmawy, from hit TV show 50 Way to Kill Your Mammy, recently launched the Sound Check Ireland Roadshow.

Expert Advice

Sound Check Ireland Roadshow will travel to large scale events around the country providing free hearing screenings and expert advice from a qualified Specsavers audiologist.

Importance of hearing

Specsavers is highlighting the importance of hearing, which is often overlooked by people when it comes to their healthcare routine.

Untreated hearing loss

A survey conducted at the event revealed that 30% of participants admitted to having hearing loss. However, a staggering 60% of those surveyed said they had not done anything about it and are still struggling a year after their symptoms arose. The survey also highlighted a lack of knowledge about the detrimental effects of untreated hearing loss.

Hearing aid

Almost half (47%) of those surveyed said that they were not aware that the risk of depression increases if hearing loss is left untreated and 66% of participants stated that they did not realise that hearing loss can be an early detector of dementia. On a positive note, almost three-quarters (71%) of people would use a hearing aid if advised to by a professional.

Sound Check Ireland

The Sound Check Ireland booth offered visitors to The 50 Plus Expo the opportunity to avail of complimentary hearing screenings from members of the Specsavers Cork audiology team.

First step to tackling hearing loss

Speaking at The 50 Plus Expo in Cork, leading audiologist Rory Perry commented: ‘The Sound Check Ireland Roadshow is designed to make it even easier for people to take the first step in tackling hearing loss. I’d urge anyone who is concerned about their hearing not to suffer in silence and avail of this free service.’

Hearing centre

As well as the Sound Check Ireland booth, Specsavers stores offer a worthy alternative for the 46% of attendees who said they would visit their hearing centre to have their hearing checked.

Free three-minute hearing screenings

Specsavers hearing centres provide free, three-minute hearing screenings, with no need to book a full appointment and no obligation to buy. The screener lets customers know whether they would benefit from having a full hearing test, which takes about one hour and advises them about what to do next.

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