Specsavers brought their Sound Check booth to the RDS in Dublin on May 24th and 25th this year to highlight the importance of availing of their free hearing tests.  

Complimentary hearing screenings

The Sound Check booth was situated in a prime location and offered visitors the opportunity to avail of their complimentary hearing screenings, as well as to speak to a qualified Specsavers’ audiologist. 

Survey conducted

A survey conducted at the event revealed that of the participants that suffered from hearing loss, 82% of them had not done anything about it, while 50% of respondents were not aware that hearing loss can be an early detector of dementia.  Almost one-third of people had hidden their hearing loss, with many saying their social life had changed since they began having problems with their hearing. A staggering 47% of people surveyed said they would not use a hearing aid if advised to by a professional.  

Removing the stigma

Chairperson of Specsavers Ireland, Sinead Clohessy said, ‘The presence of the Sound Check Ireland booth gives us the opportunity to remind people about the importance of looking after their hearing. We need to remove the stigma associated with hearing loss, in the same way as has been achieved with glasses.’ 

We can help

Ms. Clohessy also commented on the importance of addressing potential hearing loss early saying ‘It (hearing loss) can be an early detector for dementia and can lead to depression. There is no need to suffer in silence because of a stigma. We can help.’

Specialise in hearing

In addition to being experts in eye health, Specsavers also specialise in hearing, with on-site hearing centres managed by qualified partners and staff. This offers an alternative for the 42% of participants who said they would visit their GP to have their hearing checked which would incur a cost for the patient.

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