Specsavers Swords recently invited a group of young adults from the Vesnova Orphanage in Belarus to have their eyes and hearing tested by the store’s expert team.


Chernobyl Children Visit

The group consisted of three young adults; Ksenia, Denis and Sasha. Denis and Sasha had previously visited the store in 2018 where they were provided with hearing aids. Denis’ hearing aid was updated, and the store provided him with a remote to control the volume of his hearing aid, cleaning equipment, as well as batteries for one year. Sasha’s hearing aids were also updated to ensure they work to their full ability. Ksenia had an eye test and was provided with glasses of her choice, fitted with the appropriate lenses to aid her vision. Denis and Sasha also received eye tests and it was discovered they too needed glasses, which were provided for them by the store.


Optical and Audiology Services

Store director, Matthew Richards, says: ‘We are delighted to have welcomed this group of young adults from Belarus once again. The volunteers at Adi Roche's Chernobyl Children International do fantastic work with the groups each year. Regular hearing and eye checks are a very important part of their overall healthcare routine, so we jumped at the chance to provide these three young adults with these services, not available to them at home.’ Hearing aid dispenser, Lynn Byrne comments: ‘The chance to not only provide these services but to also conduct check-ups on hearing aids prescribed last year is terrific and it’s great to see the improvements these have made to their quality of life.’


Chernobyl Children International

Chernobyl Children International (CCI) was founded by Adi Roche in 1991 to alleviate suffering and protect current and future generations in the Chernobyl regions affected by the Chernobyl disaster. In the last 28 years, over 25,000 children have visited Ireland on holiday and have received optical, dental and medical treatment. CCI’s Rest and Recuperation Program provides much-needed respite for children from their contaminated homelands and respite from institutional life.


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