Hearing loss affects one in six people in Ireland. Therefore, Specsavers Audiologists have challenged staff to go Deaf for a Day to raise awareness and encourage proactive hearing health. It’s not only your ability to listen to sound that suffers. Hearing loss can affect every aspect of your life, especially the things that are most important to you such as relationships with friends, family and work colleagues. That’s exactly what Specsavers Monaghan employee, Lisa McPhilips, experienced when she took part in Deaf for a Day.


Deaf for a Day Experience

Lisa was fitted with hearing impressions causing partial deafness and attempted to continue with her day-to-day duties at work. Speaking about her experience, Lisa, comments: ‘Initially when the hearing impressions were inserted, I was shocked at how little I could actually hear. I struggled with my day-to-day tasks in work and felt embarrassed having to ask customers to repeat what they said to me.’



Lisa continues: ‘My outlook on people suffering with hearing loss has completely changed. As the day progressed, I felt more and more tired as I was concentrating so much on trying to hear what was being said around me. The experience made me feel so lucky to have good hearing and it’s really opened my eyes to the importance of regular hearing checks and prioritising my hearing health.’


Importance of Raising Awareness

Audiologist, Jeff Walbran, adds: ‘It is important for us to continue to raise awareness around good hearing health, not just on key calendar dates such as World Deaf Day, but every day. Hearing loss can be gradual, and many people may not notice that they are struggling. It’s important to keep on top of it as so much suffering can be prevented.’


Specsavers Audiologists’ Support

Specsavers Audiologists are delighted to be continuing the partnership with the National Hearing Implant and Viani Research Centre at Beaumont Hospital, as they look to encourage the Irish public to be aware of unusual hearing indicators. Aiming to prevent deafness and hearing loss, Specsavers and Beaumont Hospital are encouraging those in need to seek treatment where possible and not to feel shame or embarrassment about needing hearing aids or support.


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