Find out if you could benefit from Specsavers free hearing test service.

Answer our simple quiz below:

• Has anyone said that when you are watching the television or listening to the radio that you have the volume at a level that is uncomfortably loud for them?

• Do you find it difficult to hear dialogue when watching a film at the cinema or at a theatre production?

• Do you find it difficult to follow conversations on the telephone?

• Do you ever need to ask people to repeat things?

• Do you have difficulty following conversation in groups when more than one person may be talking at the same time?

• Do you feel isolated because you cannot hear properly, or have you avoided a situation that you used to enjoy because of the way that you hear?

• Do you often mishear what others say or think that somebody has said something different?

• Has anyone close to you suggested that you might not be hearing as well as you used to?

• Do you find it harder to hear clearly what others are saying if there is background noise, such as in restaurants or on the street?

If you answered yes to one or more question, you may benefit from a hearing test and professional advice from a qualified hearing professional.

At Specsavers, hearing tests are free and without obligation. 

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