Specsavers Ireland is delighted to provide their continued support to the Hawkeye points detection technology at Croke Park.

State of the art system

This state of the art system is used for both Hurling and Football games at Croke Park, and supports the decisions made by the referees in the eventuality of any ambiguity as to whether a point has been scored or not. As recently as last Sunday at the All Ireland Hurling final, the Hawkeye technology played an integral role in the immensely tight draw between Kilkenny and Tipperary.

All Ireland Football final 

The next game to avail of the Hawkeye technology is the All Ireland Football final which will see teams from Donegal and Kerry battle it out for the Sam Maguire. Similarly, Tipperary and Kilkenny will be back in Croke Park the following week for their rematch and if the last game is anything to go by, the Hawkeye will undoubtedly play a huge role in determining the winning team.

First utilised 

Hawkeye at Croke Park was first utilised on 1 June, 2013 at the Leinster GAA Football Senior Championship Quarter Final double header for the Westmeath/Carlow v Dublin and Offaly v Kildare fixtures.

Innovative piece of technology

Speaking about the sponsorship, Seamus Breslin, Specsavers Partner, commented, ‘Specsavers continues to value their involvement with such an innovative piece of technology as Hawkeye at Croke Park. We are delighted to have been working with The GAA on providing the best possible view for both referees and spectators, over the past year.'

Proven track record 

Hawkeye, which is a Sony company, has a proven track record in both cricket and tennis and had been trialled for over two years before installation at Croke Park. Within the stadium there are three cameras, two located in the stands and one behind the goals. During play, if there is uncertainty as to whether a point has been scored the referee refers to Hawkeye which tracks the ball in real time. The height of the posts is virtually increased if the ball has gone over the height of the posts and the big screen at Croke Park shows the trajectory of the ball and says whether the shot is a point or a miss.

Viewers at home are able to enjoy the benefit of the Hawkeye system as RTE broadcast live coverage from matches.  

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