Having launched their ‘Don’t Suffer in Silence’ campaign, Specsavers Audiologists in Wilton are hosting a walk-in Hearcare Open Day on Wednesday, 17 July.


Audiology Open Day

On Wednesday, 17 July, the Specsavers team are inviting Marc Reidy, from hearing aid specialists ReSound, who will be offering expert advice. At the open day, he will be on hand to discuss any hearing issues people may be having and offer free hearing tests to those who wish to avail of them. The aim of the ‘Don’t Suffer in Silence’ campaign is to encourage adults to take a more proactive approach to their hearing health.



New research*, commissioned by Specsavers, reveals that just over half of adults (51%) in Munster regularly worry about losing their hearing, yet only 21% of people would act quickly (within a week) if they noticed a change in their hearing. Hearing loss affects around one in six Irish adults, yet the main reason people cite for not having regular hearing tests is that they believed their hearing to be fine. In actual fact, hearing loss can be gradual, and many people may not notice they are struggling. Just over a third of people (34%) in Munster say they would be less inclined to go to social events in fear they would not be able to hear people properly.


Early Detection

Audiologist, Liz Duffy, stresses that the speed of deterioration and the effects can often be reduced with hearing protection and early intervention. ‘Hearing aids work to enhance your existing hearing so early detection and intervention is crucial. Untreated hearing loss can have far-reaching implications beyond hearing and has been linked to feelings of depression, frustration and anxiety. Our representative, Marc Reidy, from hearing aid brand ReSound will offer customers professional audiology advice and customers will also receive a €200 discount on all hearing aid orders on the day.’


Remove Stigmas

Liz Duffy, together with her professional hearing team, will be on-site in Wilton on Wednesday, 17 July carrying out demonstrations using the latest technology in an effort to remove stigmas around the wearing of hearing aids. Liz continues: ‘Common misconceptions around hearing aids can discourage people from initially seeking treatment and wearing the devices. The truth is that modern hearing aids can be discreet, can improve both hearing loss and overall quality of life, but are also cost-effective at Specsavers stores. We have an extensive range of hearing aids featuring the newest innovations, with highly trained hearing healthcare professionals that will help you pick the right device for you. With PRSI benefits, cost doesn’t need to be a major concern.’


Attitudes Towards Hearing Aids

On a positive note, attitudes towards wearing hearing aids seems to be shifting, with (93%) of those surveyed in Munster saying that they would prefer to wear them if it was recommended. Some 79% agree that hearing aids can drastically improve your standard of life. However, fears relating to appearance (27%), cost (67%) and how people believe they age you (28%) are among the biggest deterrents to wearing them.


Pop By!

For anyone interested in visiting the Hearcare Open Day, drop by Specsavers at Unit 51a Wilton Shopping Centre, Leslie's Cross, Wilton on Wednesday, 17 July.


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