Good vision is essential in helping people fulfill their potential in many pursuits such as sporting events, hobbies and special occasions. Wedding days are a prime example when brides, grooms and even guests will want to shake up their look, choosing to wear contact lenses for the big day. Thanks to Specsavers and technological developments, contact lenses have never been easier to use or more comfortable to wear.

Your special day

Specsavers is here to help if you want to go glasses-free on your special day. For ladies, wearing false eyelashes and experiementing with new eye make up looks will become effortless with the ease of contacts. Avoiding the glare on your glasses in photos won’t be a concern, so you can capture the perfect photo on the day.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are available to correct most optical conditions for which glasses are prescribed, including long and short sight, presbyopia and astigmatism. Although contact lenses can take a little getting used to, the Specsavers optical teams are on-hand to provide in-store demonstrations. Furthermore, Specsavers offers a free trial for all first-time users.

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