A young mum has told how a simple eye test at Specsavers led her to discover she had suffered a stroke in her eye.

Routine examination

Natalie Moran was getting a routine examination at her local Specsavers store in Galway when her optician found a shadow at the back of her eye.


Whilst visiting the store to get new glasses fitted her optician advised that she needed to visit her GP as soon as possible for further tests.

Atrial flutter

Natalie’s GP was worried she was suffering from atrial flutter and immediately called an ambulance for her to be taken to hospital where specialists conducted extensive tests.

Eye stroke

Natalie was informed in hospital that she had suffered from an eye stroke. She had been suffering from atrial flutter which increased her heart rate and she then developed a clot that travelled to the back of her eye causing the black shadow.

Very lucky

Natalie stated that she ‘had no idea this could happen and the specialist told me I was very lucky not to have lost my sight. I wouldn’t have found out about the atrial flutter if I hadn’t gone to Specsavers.’


Just as stroke occurs in other parts of the body, eye strokes are cause by blockages in the veins and arteries in the retina which can cause blindness. This can happen due to a lack of oxygen reaching the optic nerve and the retina.


Thankfully no other clots were found for Natalie and hopes that her story published in the Irish Daily Mirror will educate and encourage more people to discuss their conditions.

To read the full article on Natalie’s story, please click here: http://goo.gl/5bmiiM

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