Former member of Westlife and 2FM presenter Nicky Byrne and the Bolton Street Band from Friends of the Elderly, have teamed up with Specsavers to officially launch the 2014 Sound Check Ireland roadshow.

The importance of hearing health

The campaign, now in its third year, aims to highlight the importance of hearing health through the Specsavers Sound Check Ireland Roadshow which will travel around the country providing free hearing screening over the next year. Sound Check Ireland gives people the opportunity to speak to a qualified Specsavers audiologist about any concerns and avail of a complimentary hearing test. 

Healthy, happy and active life 

Speaking at the launch Nicky Bryne, said, “My hearing has always been of utmost importance to me given my choice of career in music and now broadcasting. Good hearing health is imperative to living a healthy, happy and active life yet it’s not something we give much thought to. It’s great to see Specsavers provide a free platform for people to get their hearing checked and to raise awareness about the importance of hearing. I really hope that people take the opportunity to have a free hearing screening at the booth.” 

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