Our survey showed that there is a clear lack of understanding around the treatment and prevention of hearing loss:

• 47% of respondents consider hearing loss to be just ‘part and parcel’ of getting old

• 89% are not concerned about damage by MP3 players

• Two thirds of people recognise that hearing loss can lead to depression

Partial deafness is treatable

Specsavers audiologist Rory Perry said: 'It is alarming that people would feel that hearing loss is just something to be accepted as part of growing old.'

'Like all parts of the body our ears are susceptible to the aging process, however people need to recognise that just like getting glasses for eyesight conditions, deterioration in hearing can also be managed.'

Hearing loss can affect every aspect of life, especially the things that are most important to people such as relationships with family, friends or work colleagues and two thirds of those surveyed recognised that untreated hearing loss can lead to depression.

Mr Perry adds: 'Emotionally, physically and mentally, untreated hearing loss places stress on individual that can impact negatively on all areas of daily life, people who suffer from hearing loss often say that they feel isolated from the world going on around them.'

Modern aids

The good news is that wearing hearing aids can really help and thanks to major technological advances, today’s digital hearing aids work more effectively than ever and look great. Some are so small that people can't even tell you’re wearing them.

'There are so many great products available nowadays at a range of price points. With regards to design, look at a mobile phone, or a digital camera and it's easy to see how much technology has moved on in recent years. Hearing aids are no different. Today's models are slimmer, lighter and more discreet than ever before. A hearing aid should be custom made for your ear and at Specsavers, we will make sure your aid fits you perfectly.' Very often people may not realise they have hearing loss and often it is family members who may be aware of the deterioration first.

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* The nationally representative survey was conducted in July 2013 by Amarach Research through an online omnibus survey. A sample size of 1,000 was achieved with quotas set on gender, age, social class and region to achieve a sample aligned with national population.

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