Specsavers Limerick stores are delighted to announce the arrival of the Specsavers hearing van to the Newcastle West Show, with television personality and Sound Check Ireland 2017 ambassador, Francis Brennan in attendance.

Specsavers Sound Check Ireland 2017 is a campaign that encourages Irish adults to take a more proactive approach to their hearing health. Resent research commissioned by Specsavers revealed that a staggering 69% of adults from Munster have not had their hearing tested within the last five years despite the fact that hearing loss affects one in six adults.

Mobile hearing vans

These special mobile hearing vans are designed to make it even easier for people to take the first step in tackling hearing loss. Specsavers’ mobile hearing van aims to tackle the issue by travelling the length and breadth of the country to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your hearing.

Regular hearing tests

Audiologist at Limerick Bryan O’Connor comments on the importance of regular hearing tests stating that: 'Specsavers recommends that those over the age of 55 should have their hearing tested every two years.

'Hearing loss can be gradual and many people might not notice that they are struggling with proper hearing and without treatment, hearing loss can lead to depression, frustration and anxiety. Because of the slow progression of hearing loss, identifying the problem early and addressing hearing loss with an expert can mean preserving the ability to communicate with friends and family well into later life.

'The Specsavers Hearing Van is designed to ensure that anyone who is concerned about their hearing has access to free and professional advice.'

In addition to this Specsavers Limerick will raffle a €500 hearing voucher on the day.

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