Claudia Bang aged 13 is a pupil at Loretto Beaufort High School in Rathfarnam and recently won the senior category of the Specsavers Children's Writing Competition in association with Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards.

Pictured (right) at Specsavers Nutgrove, Claudia beat hundreds of other entries and has received all shortlisted titles in the Specsavers Irish Children's Book of the Year category from this year's Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards.

Claudia's school will also receive a donation of some of the best shortlisted Irish books from the last year. 

Claudia's winning story

Lost at Sea
"Race you to the North Pole,' challenged Jack. "Bet we can beat you, "boasted Lucy.
"We'll see about that,' blurted Luke.
"READY, STEADY, GO!" Mia shouted.

It was a lovely summer morning and Jack, Luke, Lucy and Mia went canoeing. The four friends went on holidays with their parents. They went to the countryside. "Pedal faster, Mia," said Lucy. "They won't catch up with us," Mia claimed.
"I can see them," Lucy called. Mia tried her best to pedal faster.
After a while they stopped.
"I think we lost them," Lucy informed. "Thank goodness," Mia exclaimed.
Lucy looked around the scenery. It seems that they did lose them. But the problem was that they didn't see any ice-bergs or polar bears around.
"Where are we?" Lucy asked. "I don't know" Mia said. "I think we're lost". "I told you not to pedal so fast!" Lucy said with a sigh.
"That was your idea." Mia moaned.

Then Lucy spotted some land. She pedalled the boat to the land. When they reached the shore, they gasped in amazement. The island was full of mystical creatures. There were golden dragons, a phoenix, pixies and mermaids.

"Wow!" Mia exclaimed. "This is an incredible sight" Lucy said. Among the mystical creatures, Lucy and Mia spotted a fairy with rainbow wings. She had brown hair and green eyes. She wore a long sky blue ball dress and pink shoes.

Then suddenly, a pixie bumped into Lucy. "Sorry,” said the pixie. "It's okay,” Lucy said. "I'm Trixie, the pixie,” introduced Trixie.
"I'm Mia and this is my friend Lucy" Mia said. "Nice to meet you" Trixie said. "I better go umm bye."
"Bye" Mia and Lucy said together.

Mia and Lucy started to explore the island. On their exploration, they saw a golden phoenix inside a cave. He was asleep peacefully. They moved a bit closer but suddenly Mia stepped on a branch and it broke. The phoenix quickly woke up. "Who dares to disturb my slumber?" The phoenix said loudly.

Then the phoenix turned to the direction of the forest. Mia gasped and Lucy was terrified. Then the phoenix looked a different direction. Mia and Lucy slowly ran back to the direction of the boat. "I'm outta here" Mia said.
"So am I" Lucy claimed. They pedalled their way back into the ocean. They kept pedalling and pedalling.
"I really want to go home," Mia cried. "So do I" Lucy said. Lucy looked around the place. Suddenly she saw a bright light heading there way. It was Jack, Luke and their parents. "Mum and dad" Lucy cried. "Lucy!" they shouted.

They helped Lucy and Mia get onto the boat where they had a long conversation about their long crazy day.

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Pic: Paul Sharp Specsavers

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