Listen up! Over 62% of those in Wexford continue to suffer in silence

24 May, 2016
Active Retirement Ireland Trade & Tourism Show.

Specsavers 2016 Sound Check Ireland Roadshow continues to visit towns across Ireland, as it brought its hearing booth to the Active Retirement Ireland Trade and Tourism Show 2016 at the Clayton Whites Hotel in the heart of Wexford town on 18 May 2016.

Staggering statistic 

A survey conducted at the event revealed that over one third of participants admitted to having hearing loss. However, a staggering two in three of those surveyed said they had not done anything about it and are still struggling a year after their symptoms arose.

Psychological effects 

The survey also highlighted a lack of knowledge about the detrimental effects of untreated hearing loss. An astonishing 74% of those surveyed said that they were not aware that the risk of depression increases if hearing loss is left untreated, and 83% of participants stated that they did not realise that hearing loss can be an early detector of dementia. On a positive note, 88% of people would use a hearing aid if advised to by a professional.

Complementry hearing screening 

The Sound Check Ireland booth offered visitors at the Travel and Tourism Show the opportunity to have a complimentary hearing screening from members of the Specsavers Wexford audiology team. The hearing booth takes just a few minutes to complete, followed by a consultation with Specsavers staff who explained the readings to each participant.


Speaking at Trade and Tourism Show in Wexford, Specsavers Store Director Mags Cregan-Smart said: “Retirement is a stage in your life when our senses become less acute and it would be a shame if poor eyesight and hearing meant that you couldn’t enjoy life to the full. Having the Sound Check hearing booth at the Trade and Tourism show provided the perfect opportunity for anyone concerned about their hearing or vision to speak to a professional. Sound Check makes it easy in taking the first step in tackling hearing loss so that people don’t suffer in silence.”

As well as the Sound Check Ireland booth, Specsavers stores offer the very best hearing services for the 54% of attendees who said they would visit a local hearing centre to have their hearing checked. Specsavers hearing centres provide free, three-minute hearing screenings and lets customers know whether they would benefit from having a full one hour hearing test. Each hearing centre boasts hi-tech facilities and sells quality hearing aids at great prices, with packages starting from €750.

For more information about Specsavers Wexford hearing centre, contact them on (053) 912 3789.

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References: Source; Survey of attendees at the Active Retirement Trade and Tourism Show 2016, Clayton White Hotel, Wexford, on 18 May 2016 by Specsavers staff.