Staff at Specsavers Swords recently attended a Health and Wellbeing event at Dublin Airport, at which they represented both the optical and hearing elements of the store.

The event, which is designed to promote health and wellbeing of body and mind, has been attended by Specsavers Swords staff in the past; however this was the largest event in terms of footfall and was the first of its kind to have been hosted by the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA).

Specsavers Swords staff members Maryann Buckley, Aidan Daniels, Sinead Greene, Magda Stromska, Gabriela Sinevici all took part in performing free hearing and eye pressure tests throughout the three day event.

The event was a resounding success and following an invitation from the DAA, Specsavers Swords has already been invited to next year’s event and are now busy planning lots of new activities for this.

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