Tag: eye health

Tag: eye health

25 May, 2017
Eye test

Good vision is vital for studying success and as exam season approaches, Specsavers has put together some top eyecare tips for students.

School and college performance

Visual impairment can have a negative impact on school and college performance and too many hours spent inside the classroom or hitting the books at the library can leave students with tired eyes or exacerbate existing vision problems. 

28 February, 2017
Researchers at University College London have been studying the connection between pancakes and glaucoma

As the nation looks forward to devouring pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, researchers at University College London have been studying pancakes for a very different reason – to improve surgical techniques for treating people with glaucoma.


Glaucoma is the number one cause of permanent blindness worldwide. The disease causes permanent eye damage when excess fluid builds up in the eye.

30 March, 2016
Specsavers Castlebar take care of eye health

With the very latest in optical and hearing technology and a team of expert staff, the state-of-the-art Specsavers opticians store in Castlebar provides all its customers with a top class professional service in an affordable environment.

Located on Hopkins Road, the store has been on hand to take care of the eye and ear health of families for 11 years and understands the importance of clear vision and good hearing at all ages, especially for their elderly customers.

Dispensing technology

24 March, 2016

Lisa Walsh, 45, is store director at Specsavers Liffey Valley and director of three more businesses.

Diagnosed with MS

Having grown up in Aberdeen, Lisa now sees herself very much as a Dubliner and she lives in Rathmines with her husband Gerry and daughter, Ella, 13. Twelve years ago, Lisa was diagnosed with MS and her mindfulness of her condition informs her approach to diet, fitness and how she manages her time.

Liffey Valley

18 January, 2016
Healthy Eyes Awareness Week from 18th- 24th January 2016.

The annual Healthy Eyes Awareness Week is back on, running between 18th and 24th January 2016.

Many of us resolve to improve our lifestyle in the New Year, yet few of us resolve to book an eye examination. 

This year Specsavers are urging the public to pledge to have an eye test as part of their New Year’s resolution and encourage a positive attitude to all aspects of eye health.

19 February, 2015
Girl in Specsavers round glasses

In our regular series, optician and Specsavers’ clinical spokesperson Dr Nigel Best answers your eye health questions. This week is about eye health and pregnancy:

02 October, 2014

Specsavers Nenagh is delighted to welcome new Ophthalmic Optician, Patrick Dennehy, to its store at 5 Quintin’s Way, Pearse Street. 

Gold medal of excellence

Patrick, an honours graduate from DIT, recently joined the Specsavers Nenagh team. In addition to having been awarded a gold medal of excellence in optometry for excelling above his peers, Patrick is also a refractive laser eye specialist. 

Latest equipment

23 July, 2014
Specavers Athlone run a contact lens fit day at Golden Island Shopping Centre

Specsavers Athlone recently held a contact lens fit day at the Golden Island Shopping Centre to educate customers about contact lenses. The team had great fun chatting to the local people and found it to be a huge success.

Free fittings

Athlone staff Caroline Lowry and Maria Kenny provided shoppers with information on the different types of contact lenses available and promoted free contact lens fittings in store.