Specsavers global director of professional services Professor Harrison Weisinger has advised that Optometrists need to adapt in order to remain relevant in a technology and primary care driven world.

Optical industry

According to Dr. Weisinger ‘The UK optical industry is entering the foothills of some very steep mountains that must be climbed over the next five years and beyond,’

Diagnostic technology developments

Professor Weisinger discuss the importance for the profession to increase its clinical profile, through important diagnostic technology developments, but has also warned that new technologies could replace optometrists if they did not keep up with new discoveries and changes.

Eye-test procedures

He comments ‘We are witnessing the automation of some standard eye-test procedures, and consumers are becoming more comfortable with online purchasing, as well as with automation, especially when it gives them more control of their retail or professional journey. We must evolve to survive,’ he said.

Dr.Harry Weisinger

Dr.Harry Weisinger is a qualified medical practitioner, optometrist and former head of optometry at Deakin University in Australia. The Melbourne-based professor, who is also a partner in a Specsavers practice, supports the group’s professional services teams in each of its markets. Professor Weisinger states that the Professional Leadership Council, which is made up of store partners and support staff has a solid track record of professional development, which he will continue to help advance and grow.

Teaching and learning technology

He states ‘In the coming years, we will further advance our professional development by customising our training for individual learners and by harnessing the power of a global professional network. Teaching and learning technology, which is continuously evolving, will play a key role in this revolution’.

Digital Precision Care

In May 2015, Specsavers introduced a cutting edge new way of selecting and fitting customers’ glasses, using imaging software on tablet devices called Digital Precision Care.

Best professional care

Digital Precision Eyecare, which ensures everyone receives the very best professional care and advice in frame selection and dispensing for their prescription, vision and lifestyle needs.

Wow factor

Sinead Clohessy, Chairperson of Specsavers Ireland says: ‘This is very clever kit and has a real wow factor for customers. It’s a quick and easy process which ensures a perfect fit every time.’

Imaging software

Following an eye examination, the optical team assists customers in selecting their preferred glasses. Imaging software on a tablet is then used to take an image of them wearing the glasses, which in turn captures a range of essential dispensing measurements. These are unique to the customer and their chosen glasses.

Lens options

Sinead Clohessy adds, ‘The tablet can also be used to show you what you look like wearing a range of different glasses to help you make your choice. The intelligent software also helps you choose by any lens options you might want, by demonstrating what they do in real time.’

Specsavers stores

Digital Precision Eyecare is now available in all Specsavers stores in the UK and Ireland. It is currently being promoted via a widespread advertising campaign, including national television commerical. 

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