Deaf for a day

04 May, 2016
Specsavers Hearing Centre in the Athlone store is open from Monday to Saturday
Specsavers Hearing Centre in the Athlone store is open from Monday to Saturday

When Triona Doherty was approached by her local Specsavers store in Athlone to take the ‘Deaf for a Day’ challenge, she admits to being initially intrigued but also somewhat apprehensive.

Hearing services

In addition to being experts in eye health, Specsavers Athlone also specialise in hearing services with an on-site hearing centre managed by a highly trained audiologist, Lynn Morris.

Lynn, who approached Triona to take the challenge explains that hearing loss is an ‘invisible’ disability. The idea is to give those taking the challenge some sense of the issues faced daily by those experiencing hearing loss.

Challenges of hearing loss

If hearing loss is left untreated, it can become incredibly debilitating. Chatting in social environments can become a struggle and those suffering may begin to retreat and avoid social outings. Lynn, explains that “This may lead to depression and in severe cases can contribute to dementia. All of this impacts hugely on relationships and can be quite stressful for a partner or family member.”

Deaf for a Day

Triona’s experience left her feeling on edge for the day, admitting that she could hear snapshots of people’s conversations but could not figure out where the different noises were coming from. Being ‘deaf’ for the day offered her a window into the challenges faced by those suffering with hearing loss. The experience highlighted to her the importance of monitoring your hearing health, to prevent any issues compounding over time.

Free screening

Specsavers Hearing Centre in the Athlone store is open from Monday to Saturday with two full time audiologists and top-of-the-range equipment. The store offers free screening that involves a simple three minute test, providing a way for customers to monitor their hearing. The screener lets customers know whether they would benefit from having a full hearing test, which takes about one hour.

Hearing aids

The Athlone hearing centre sells quality hearing aids at great value-for-money prices. All Specsavers digital hearing aids, available in different sizes and styles, are sold as part of a complete hearing package.

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