Customer service praise for Wilton

14 July, 2016
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Send us your feedback

In a recent online customer feedback message, Yvonne Harris from Specsavers Wilton was praised for her friendly and helpful manner.

Miss McGrath wrote

I'm emailing as I rang your Wilton store on Monday, 4th July to enquire if I would be able to download a form I was looking for. I just wanted to let the store manager know that Yvonne was so nice and pleasant. I explained to Yvonne that I am just out of hospital after an operation and wouldn't be able to make it to the store at the moment to collect the form. She kindly sent the form to me in the post which I received this morning, including a lovely little comment saying "kind regards Yvonne, p.s. get well soon :) ". I just thought it was so kind. I love visiting the Wilton store as the staff are always so helpful, but this was such a nice thing to do.

Thank you for your time, L McGrath.

It’s great to receive feedback like this about Specsavers team members, keep up the excellent work!

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