For those suffering with untreated hearing loss it can be isolating and frustrating as they struggle to hear at office parties and family gatherings.

Hearing test

A leading audiologist from Specsavers is urging people to overcome the problem by availing of a free hearing test so they don’t miss out on precious moments and celebrations over the festive period.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is incredibly common and affects approximately 650,000 Irish people. In spite of the high prevalence, it is a condition often overlooked by many when it comes to their healthcare routine, with 47%* of respondents in the Specsavers hearing survey agreeing that it’s just ‘part and parcel’ of getting old.

Detrimental effects

As a result, many people delay getting their hearing tested for up to 15 years, despite the detrimental effects it can have emotionally, physically and mentally.

Help and support

Rory Perry, audiologist at Specsavers said, “Untreated hearing loss can have a serious impact on a person’s confidence in social settings and, for those affected, Christmas can be a time of anxiety and dread. Conversation can become a struggle especially over chatter at a dinner party or loud background music in a pub. In order to avoid difficult encounters and possible embarrassment, people with untreated hearing loss may opt to withdraw from social situations, leaving them feeling isolated and alone. Christmas is a time to be spent with your nearest and dearest, so I’d encourage anyone who is concerned about their hearing to avail of the help and support available at Specsavers so they can enjoy the festivities to the full.”

Hearing centre

In addition to being experts in eye health, Specsavers also specialises in hearing with an on-site hearing centre managed by qualified partners and staff. The hearing centre boasts hi-tech facilities and offers a free, three minute hearing screening, with no need to book an appointment and no obligation to buy. The screener lets customers know whether they would benefit from having a full hearing test, which takes about one hour.

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*The nationally representative survey was conducted in July by Amarach Research through an online omnibus survey. A sample size of 1,000 was achieved with quotas set on gender, age, social class and region to achieve a sample aligned with national population.

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