Did you know that during the first 12 years of our lives, as much as 80% of learning is accomplished through our vision?

Undetected vision problem

Yet, one out of every four children has an undetected vision problem that may inhibit their progress. This is why checking kids’ eyes before they go back to school is essential.

Back to school questions

Store Director of Specsavers Limerick, John Harrington has answered questions that many parents ask this time of year before their kids go back to school:

1. What is the relation between eyesight and performing well at school?

Since children take in so much information through their eyes, an undetected vision problem can hinder their progress at school. Problems reading text books or reading the blackboard could mean they miss out on vital information and affect their confidence. In severe cases sight problems could able be mistaken for learning difficulties.

2. When should I start taking my child to the opticians?

We suggest that a child should have their first eye examination at around three years old, as the earlier problems are detected, the easier they are to rectify without delaying the child’s development. If the optometrist detects an unusual issue affecting the child’s vision, which requires further action to correct, the optometrist will refer him/her to the doctor.

3. What is the process of testing a child’s eyes?

The process of performing an eye test on a child is simple. Firstly, the optometrist will ask the parent or guardian about any relevant family history and any problems their child may be experiencing. Then several child-friendly tests will be undertaken, using special charts and other materials to help children indicate what they can see and how clearly. They will test the vision of each eye and will check whether they work properly together. They will also measure the child’s focusing ability and the health of the child’s eyes before discussing the results with the parents.

4. What if my child doesn’t want to wear glasses?

Kids that wear glasses can now be the envy of all their friends with fun frames in bright colours sporting their favourite character or toy. Popular ranges include Disney,Gruffalo and Frozen glasses, which have just been launched.

Specsavers Opticans is currently offering free back to school eye tests.

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